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Benjamin Falk’s Home Office

I recently moved so I took the opportunity to redecorate/reorganize my home office. Most of the furniture is thanks to my local IKEA

Macbook Workstation

My name is Ron and here is my home office set up.

Matt Brett’s Home Office

Heyo! I'm Matt Brett, and I'm a freelance web designer from Ontario, Canada. I spend 8-10 hours each and every (week) day at this desk, and I just love my setup!

Research and Fun

My name is George. This is where I work when at home. [Updated on 01-08-2014]

Freelancer Room

Hi there my name is Philo, and I am a Freelancer from The Netherlands. And this is my room / office where I work when I'm not at school. [Updated on 03/12/2012]

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Benjamin Falk’s Home Office

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