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Dual imac+ dual ACD home setup

This is a Dual imac+ dual ACD home setup

My Mad Laboratory

Hi my name is Damien and I am a blogger and web developer in SoCal. This is where I spend the majority of my time. Nothing to elaborate but it works for me. Hope you enjoy

My realistic messy with no internet connection office

My name is Ricardo Saavedra and I'm a Information Architect based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). I spend most of my time wondering how to make the web easier and better for everyone. At the time a took this picture the internet connection it was interrupted. The good part of it is that you can always can use your imagination to surf and click in old ideias ;-)

Industrial Design Workspace

Just moved into my new place and this is how I set up my workspace... hope you like it...

design studio setup

Hi this is my setup in my home studio, I'm an industrial design student and work in product r&d.

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