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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!


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PC & Mac Workstation Setup

Work & Play – Best of Both Worlds – Mac & PC

My name is Daley, this is my office/studio for work and gaming. I call it ArchiTechnological Haven. I am soon to be an Apple at home advisor as a profession.
The Wizard Setup

The Wizard Setup

The Wizard of the internet setup.

Apple Workstation

Here's my bedroom and my workspace at the same time. I spent and I spend all my times here expect for jobs. I'm currently studying in multimedia, so I'm interested by technology and I'm not rich, I paid all my stuff with my student jobs. Looks at my video on youtube to see all those products

Programming/Interactive Designer Workspace

This is my everyday home office. I spend most of my day here coding for iOS, Android, OSX and WIndows while also creating websites and interactive experiences for Hollywood movies. In addition to this I'm also a creative and art director so I do fair amount of pure design and UI creative. I use Xbox 360 to watch some movies and have access to my digital movie library but to rock some Black Ops during breaks, but most of the stuff I have is for dev/testing purposes really.. I'm a techie, so comfort and accessibility were the primary thing in my workspace.. I don't care to look like a museum but more to be cozy and effective. My setup as it is provides me with every piece of technology I need to create and test apps, design pieces and so much more. Mac Pro is now my primary machine cause I do most of the recent development on it and I can do both, PHP/JS/HTML5 stuff on it, I can do Adobe AIR/Flash/Flex and overall AS3 projects on it, I also do XCode/IB/iOS stuff on it.. so it's a computer that allows me to do more at the moment. PC machine is used to develop PC centric software and interactivity, for testing, some 3ds max stuff as well as upcoming Windows Phone 7/Silverlight/Visual Studio environment.

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