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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!

Ryno Burger’s Home Office Setup

Hi, my name is Ryno Burger, a freelance web designer and developer from South Africa and this is where the magic happens...

Pensil Kayu Workstation

Hi, my name is Yumma Samuel Rothman, i'm the creative director of Pensil Kayu (www.pensilkayuonline.com) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. This is my workstation, cheers

my freelance hole

Dave Davidson fulltime freelance 2d/3d artist. this is where i spend 90% of my day.

When a PC Gamer Buy’s a Mac,… Well He’s got to N’sist on Nvidia...

Hi My name is Mike, I'm a student, free lance videographer, and gamer. I made a semi-switch to Macs when I started taking a class on multimedia authoring. In the class you learn the basics to Final Cut Studio. That was part of the reason why I made a switch, the other part was that I had built a game computer that was tricked out with the best sub-$800 gaming hardware from a year ago. Then the main board crashed. I was devastated because I put so much work into it. About 4 months had pasted and was tiered of using my mom's old laptop I needed a replacement. I was ok with getting a Mac because of the class I was taking but under the conditions that I could play high end games and it was portable. So I end up saving up for their high end 15" Macbook Pro.

Vietnameses Freelancer’s Workstation Setup

Hi! My name is Ngo Tran Thinh. I from Viet Nam and I am 20. i am a student and freelancer. i love high-tech so much and this is my work place where i spent a lot of time for coding and designing . :) My bed also is another workstation where i can check my work!

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