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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!

Studio Fantasio setup 2011

My name is Oliver from Fantasio fine Arts, I´m specialised in book cover and character designs. This is currently the "digital" part of my studio, which is located in Germany. Pencils and Sketchbooks are always in reach, as the scanner and printer, only the "beast" has its box at the very right side, because of the sound intensity.


Hi, I'm George. I'm an astrophysicist and that's my home setup [Updated on 02/21/2011]

Mission Control @ Home

I am William from Hong Kong. I am a part time freelancer and this is where I do most of my freelance work. I run Windows 7 on my 6 years old AMD computer and OS X Snow Leopard on my MacBook as well as Dell 10v... and I can tell you Snow Leopard is so much better :D

When a PC Gamer Buy’s a Mac,… Well He’s got to N’sist on Nvidia...

Hi My name is Mike, I'm a student, free lance videographer, and gamer. I made a semi-switch to Macs when I started taking a class on multimedia authoring. In the class you learn the basics to Final Cut Studio. That was part of the reason why I made a switch, the other part was that I had built a game computer that was tricked out with the best sub-$800 gaming hardware from a year ago. Then the main board crashed. I was devastated because I put so much work into it. About 4 months had pasted and was tiered of using my mom's old laptop I needed a replacement. I was ok with getting a Mac because of the class I was taking but under the conditions that I could play high end games and it was portable. So I end up saving up for their high end 15" Macbook Pro.

My Home Office

My name is Nick.S and this is my current home office workstation. I use this for my design and media company named "WRESH".

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