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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!

My Home Office

My name is Nick.S and this is my current home office workstation. I use this for my design and media company named "WRESH".

Pensil Kayu Workstation

Hi, my name is Yumma Samuel Rothman, i'm the creative director of Pensil Kayu (www.pensilkayuonline.com) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. This is my workstation, cheers

Mac & Hack Home Office

My name is Jeff and I am a Business School Professor. This is my iMac, MacBook Pro and Hack Pro set-up. The Hac Pro also runs Win 7 and under the desk I have an old P4 that dual boots XP and OSX.

High School Student

My name is Andy I just recently got my iMac. I do some picture editing and a little gaming.

Vietnameses Freelancer’s Workstation Setup

Hi! My name is Ngo Tran Thinh. I from Viet Nam and I am 20. i am a student and freelancer. i love high-tech so much and this is my work place where i spent a lot of time for coding and designing . :) My bed also is another workstation where i can check my work!

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