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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!

Hostel student setup

I'm chao from malaysia ,a student from architecture technology .this setup make my life easier ,fashion ,stylish and "sexy"

Mission Control @ Home

I am William from Hong Kong. I am a part time freelancer and this is where I do most of my freelance work. I run Windows 7 on my 6 years old AMD computer and OS X Snow Leopard on my MacBook as well as Dell 10v... and I can tell you Snow Leopard is so much better :D

Mac & Hack Home Office

My name is Jeff and I am a Business School Professor. This is my iMac, MacBook Pro and Hack Pro set-up. The Hac Pro also runs Win 7 and under the desk I have an old P4 that dual boots XP and OSX.

Business Design-Office

My Name is Stefan Biba, Professional designer of austria design. This is my workplace!

DAC’s Home Office Computers (and Game)

Daniel's home office. Work on Video Edition and Webdesign

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PC Home Rig Setup

PC Home Rig Setup