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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!

Ryno Burger’s Home Office Setup

Hi, my name is Ryno Burger, a freelance web designer and developer from South Africa and this is where the magic happens...

GugaJobs – Home Mercenary Office, Freelancer’s BR / Motion Grapher

Hi, my name é Gustavo Vilarim, i'm from Brazil. Pc and Mac. / Hackintosh. I'm working very with motion grapher. After Effects ,Premiere ,Final Cut... This pc is very good for working with movie.

My home workspace

My super geeky office :) I work with IT for a living so a home lab/playground is a must.

Mac & PC Home Setup!

Joost Huver's Mac & PC Home Setup

Apple Workstation

Here's my bedroom and my workspace at the same time. I spent and I spend all my times here expect for jobs. I'm currently studying in multimedia, so I'm interested by technology and I'm not rich, I paid all my stuff with my student jobs. Looks at my video on youtube to see all those products

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