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My name is Felix, and this is my workstation!
PC Home Office Setup

PC Home Office Setup

Hey, I'm Richard. I'm the one behind WorkStationSetups.com and this is my home office ! [Updated on 01/13/2015]

Amontrons PC home Atlelier/sound multi-studio

My name is amontron and here is my home studio that i use for digital design and music and other stuff.

My Home Studio Workstation

Hi I'm Sergey, I'm an animation student at the IAC college of animation & a programmer and designer in my free time. Read more about me at http://mystuff.berense.org/sergey-berengard
Patricio's PC Office Setup

Patricio’s PC Office Setup

Hello, my name is Patricio, and this is the configuration of my workspace at the office. Hola, mi nombre es Patricio, y esta es la configuraciĆ³n de mi espacio de trabajo en la oficina.

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