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2005 Computer Setup. Two computers power the 9 displays. The laptop ran Windows XP and the desktop ran FreeBSD. Synergy allows the use of one mouse and keyboard to control input devices on both machines via the network. (Yes, I used an ssh tunnel for the synergy connection). The slow draw rate on the lower monitors caused me to later consolidate them into 2 larger monitors powered by one graphics card instead of the 3 cards used here.

Interior Designers Workstation (Student)

Hey, the name is Husaini. I'm currently a student majoring in Interior Architecture. This is the usual setup when I use AutoCAD or Photoshop and on the left side is where I build my models


Hi, my name is Max, i'm a student and this is my home office

Home Office PC / Gheyming Rig

Im {SAS}TB and this is my man cave

Gaming Rig

My name is Virgil, I use this setup for gaming and web design

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The Wizard Setup

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