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SCF Setup (Simple, Clean, Faster)

My name is Jean, i live in Brazil and i'm a professional CS:GO player

All rounder student set up

My name is Luke. I'm a uni student studying Software Engineering. My passion is web design, but I'm really loving the programming that I am doing as part of my course. I use my workspace to: -create websites -play games (although rarely) -compose music -watch movies -program -facebook -almost 2TB worth of external HDD's My workplace is in my bedroom, so it can become a little cramped at times, but I do my best to keep my desk clear of clutter, as I really love minimalist workstations, with only the necessities.

My desk and my views

I live on the edge of the world

Designers Living Area – update

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a web developer and web designer. I love what I do. So I invest a lot of time in it. As you can see,ha.

Alienware overkill

Hi, I'm Or and this is my new layout at work. My own Alienware laptop and a company Dell 23" screen in portrait position. I am a developer so the portrait screen will help me with long data outputs.

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