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All rounder student set up

My name is Luke. I'm a uni student studying Software Engineering. My passion is web design, but I'm really loving the programming that I am doing as part of my course. I use my workspace to: -create websites -play games (although rarely) -compose music -watch movies -program -facebook -almost 2TB worth of external HDD's My workplace is in my bedroom, so it can become a little cramped at times, but I do my best to keep my desk clear of clutter, as I really love minimalist workstations, with only the necessities.

JakobOrtiz PC Setup – Web Development / Graphic Design

My name is Jacobo Ortiz and I live in Mexico. I work for different clients over the world and I have invested some money on my computer since its my work tool.

Crystal’s messy workspace

I'm Crystal. This is my workspace that likes to collect cups and a cereal bowl-or two. I'm a graphic design student.

Photographer Setup

Hi all, My name is Eric, I am photographer based in Montreal, so I use my setup for photo editing, and sometimes for gaming. I have a 22U rackmount unit which contains my linux webserver, routers and switches and my Denon 7.1 DTS receiver. The workstation I use for photo editing is a Quad core 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 10K RPM hard drives for OS and scratch disk, and a raid 5 (4 x 500GB) for photos. I also use an Epson Photo flatbed scanner to handle my negatives which are archived in the left library. I read photography books in my couch on the right.

VFX-Lab, Rebelmovie-Kitchen and Audio-Dungeon

My Name is Sascha, i'm from Z├╝rich, Switzerland and my Hobby is getting bigger and bigger all the Time. Back in the Days my Movie- and Music-Eqipp fitted nicely in a Corner of my Bedroom ... but now it seems one Room and a small Machine-Room right outside ain't enough anymore ... silly nerd ;-)

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