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Started with one monitor, then went to two to try it out and could never go back. Then I made enough room for a third and love it. The small monitor is also hooked up to the Media Server along with the 2nd mouse and the keyboard in the tray. The PC is custom built, from an old case and all new parts.

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My name is Marco. I am an Italian journalist, specializing in cars and motorsport, and this is my place where I produce content and organize events related to motorsport. I live virtually connected with the internet, my email and my social profiles. When I'm out (very often) use a windows phone Lumia 800 which helps me perfectly for my needs.

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Work station of West Virginia film maker Jason Adams

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Hi, I'm Marek and I am a freelance web designer. I use my PC for all of my work and my PS3 for gaming.

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My name Deon.I am a Real Estate Agent in Southren California

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The Wizard Setup