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PC Home Office Setup

PC Home Office Setup

Hey, I'm Richard. I'm the one behind WorkStationSetups.com and this is my home office ! [Updated on 01/13/2015]

My $1500 budget pc setup

Hi all, my name is Jimmy. I'm a freelance conceptual illustrator working in Los Angeles, CA. I have a old TItanium G4 macbook that I didn't include in the pictures because I was embarrassed. LOL. Thanks Richard for creating this wonderful site! Maybe create another one that show peoples cable organizational skills!!

Avid Media Composer

Work station of West Virginia film maker Jason Adams

My Home Desk Setup

Matty's Home Desk Setup


I´m a graphic design student and gaming addicted from Berlin, Germany

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Tom of All Trades Setup

PC Home Rig Setup

PC Home Rig Setup