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Flashfix Workstation V2.1

Hi ! My name is Louis and this is my setup ! I enjoy creating new content. I can make anything in multimedia really fast in HTML5 or Flash. I also program, design and integrate.

PC Home Office Setup

My name is Marco. I am an Italian journalist, specializing in cars and motorsport, and this is my place where I produce content and organize events related to motorsport. I live virtually connected with the internet, my email and my social profiles. When I'm out (very often) use a windows phone Lumia 800 which helps me perfectly for my needs.

Central Command

I love my setup. :-)

Home Setup

My name is Felix here's my computer home setup

Home Office Setup

My name is Chris Robinson and this is my home office setup, I'm a Web Designer/Developer from San Diego, CA. (please excuse the terrible pic)

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