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A real workspace

I am Jonathan Yarbor, a 18 old Web Designer and Web Developer, that isn't even out of High School yet. I take care of my business at home in my room (for now, moving to an office soon). I use my Dell as my workhorse computer to do video and other process powerhouse processes and my HP laptop as a mobile studio.

Design Studio Workhorse

From sunny Southern California, Brandon Jones has been designing, drawing, photographing, and coding the world around him for the past several years. Not content to pick one media and stick with it has left Brandon with a broad range of talents that have allowed him to work on projects ranging from grungy digital art kits to Fortune 500 software prototyping.

Home Office Setup

My name is Chris Robinson and this is my home office setup, I'm a Web Designer/Developer from San Diego, CA. (please excuse the terrible pic)

PaulBarrera’s Miami setup

Yo! I am Paul Barrera and I am a Graphic designer From Philadelphia studying in Miami. MY website is PaulBarrera12.com


Hi, my name is Max, i'm a student and this is my home office

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