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Flashfix Workstation V2.1

Hi ! My name is Louis and this is my setup ! I enjoy creating new content. I can make anything in multimedia really fast in HTML5 or Flash. I also program, design and integrate.

My $1500 budget pc setup

Hi all, my name is Jimmy. I'm a freelance conceptual illustrator working in Los Angeles, CA. I have a old TItanium G4 macbook that I didn't include in the pictures because I was embarrassed. LOL. Thanks Richard for creating this wonderful site! Maybe create another one that show peoples cable organizational skills!!

Home Office Setup

My name is Sam and this is my home setup!

A web developers living space

My Name is Michael, I'm a free lance web developer/designer. I'm currently still in high school and hope to get a mac one day,haha

PC Home Office Setup

My name is Marco. I am an Italian journalist, specializing in cars and motorsport, and this is my place where I produce content and organize events related to motorsport. I live virtually connected with the internet, my email and my social profiles. When I'm out (very often) use a windows phone Lumia 800 which helps me perfectly for my needs.

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Macbook Workstation

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PC Home Rig Setup

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