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Work & Play Station

I'm a web developer but also loves to play games sometimes. Dual-boot: Fedora Linux for work and win7 just for games.

Home Web Design Studio

A desk that makes you WANT to sit down at it! This is what I'm working with right now, hope to get creative in the future and pimp the station out a bit more.

Trading/Entertainment Workstation

Hi everyone, I use my system for work (trading) and the occasional gaming session. I also have the slate PC docked in front with chat rooms and twitter feeds. Holes drilled in desk to hide all cables. Cables are all cable tied at the rear for neatness.

Amontrons PC home Atlelier/sound multi-studio

My name is amontron and here is my home studio that i use for digital design and music and other stuff.

Basement Office

I used to work from home, doing AV engineering and control system programming, but since I go to an actual office now, the room is basically an after-hours play space. I do occasionally do some work from home, and I'm in the process of digitizing all of the family home movies.

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