How To Set Up A Home Office For A College Student

Are you dealing with the frustration of being a college student and having to learn, study, and take tests all from home? When it comes to productivity, your setting can mean the difference between completing a project with plenty of time to spare, or procrastinating your valuable hours away. Are you ready to learn how to design a rock-solid environment to complete your piling up tasks? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s spend some time going over a vital checklist of how to set up a home office for a college student.


This one is easy. You need your home office to be somewhere that can be separated from too much chaos and noise, but if you’re living in a smaller apartment or stuck back at home with your parents and siblings, it can be a challenge to carve out your own space.

Don’t let yourself be tempted by the idea of just working on your laptop from the comfort of your bed. It’s important to define areas for relaxation and productivity. Take over your guest room or a rarely used corner of your house as your own home office, and make it a priority to get a small, functional desk setup.


Once you have your location nail down, the next step of learning how to set up a home office for a college student will be establishing what needs to be within easy grabbing distance to avoid losing your productivity mojo.

You can’t research or attend zoom classes without a charged computer and connectivity. Make sure your charger is close by because sitting in an online streaming class can suck up a lot more battery power than you’re prepared for. Create a binder for each of your classes and keep those stacked neatly by your computer for easy reference notes and information. And stock up on pens and lined paper, just like you would for an in-person class. A highlighter, a blue or black ink pen, a pencil are the trifecta of writing tools and should be within grabbing distance at all times.


When getting your office set up, consider what you surround yourself with. A plant, even if it’s no more complicated than an easy to keep alive succulent, can go a long way to lifting your spirits when you’re stuck on the computer for hours at a time.

Create a space with good lighting that doesn’t feel too stark – this can be done with the table and floor lamps and will bring some light into your space. And, don’t forget the music. Obviously, you don’t want tunes blasting while you’re trying to talk to fellow students or your professor but keep a small Bluetooth speaker close by so when it’s time to crank out a four-page paper less than six hours before the due date, you have a little background noise to keep you going.


Every good office needs a big whiteboard to keep yourself on track. When going between classes you don’t have the luxury of taking notes in the same spot each day — with a home office you do. Write what needs to be prioritized in terms of assignments on your whiteboard, so you won’t risk your muddled college student brain blanking on an important assignment.

There you have it, a few guaranteed suggestions on how to set up a home office for a college student!