• Samsung 24″ Full HD 1080P


  • Mac Mini (2011), Core i5 2.3Ghz, 8GB Ram


  • Custom made Rubwood desk with rounded edge glass over


  • Apple wired keyboard
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Belkin mouse (not in picture)
  • Nokia 808 Pureview (not in picture)


  1. That doesn’t deserve to be on this website, its just a mac mini with an external monitor – nothing i dont see in my office every day…

  2. Nice setup. It’s my same exact setup accept for a 24″ hp 24wd and no track pad because they are evil.

    @Jason Green, This is a blog about workstation setups you know. A workstation is a computer and space to work. That is more than enough to be appropriate.

  3. Yes I agree with ‘Gavin’. This is a chic simple setup. Good comments ‘Gavin’. Not bad , because , having a simple idea is more.
    As for you ‘JASON GREEN’ you do not sound supportive. Give this person a break. Give this person a credit will ya ‘JASON GREEN’. It sounded like you are a show off snot , a snob , you don’t need to give negative comments saying that this rig is a simpleton.