1. I like it a lot, the whole room to be honest. seems every open. If you get to manage to make the wires disappear, your room/office will be one of the best on this blog.
    bravo! :)

  2. Two meters before my table is also a bed (one post before you) and Im also still a ID student… Glad to see that others ID students are working on macs;)

  3. The stools are in fact comfi but it takes some getting used to. The desk is actually at bar height so sometimes I just stand up and work while standing :)

    Thanks all for the comments

  4. You made this yourself? Wow. Very neat.
    I am not sure about the bar stool though. I need a back rest. However, the huge amount of empty space underneath the desk is really good, because I am 6′ 3″ and most of the time, I don’t have enough leg room. (leads to back & knee ache).
    About the wires, well, with such an establishment, there isn’t much you can do.
    I am also scared the monitor might topple over. Doesn’t happen even with a wall behind it, but at least we got the security that if it does, the wall will save it.

    Really love your workspace! Might ask one of my friends to design something like that for me in the future :)

  5. Thanks for nice words all.

    I have two IKEA paper lights in the back which emit very warm light and the blue light is from led strips I mounted next to my mirror. I don’t like how white the light is from the leds, it clashes with the warm light from the other lights, so I made them emit blue.

    I suspended the desk on regular steel wire (which should hold up to approx 300 kg) and regular fixtures (don’t know the english names but they sell them in all hardware stores). The other side is fixed to the wall with angle supports.


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