Luke Whitson’s Home Office



  • Apple 30″ Cinema Display
  • 2x Dell 22″ Displays


  • 17″ MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.5 GHz, 4GB RAM


  • iPhone
  • Apple Wired Keyboard
  • Trackball Explorer Mouse
  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
  • Griffen Elevator Notebook Stand
  • 2x 1TB Lacie External Drives

Other pictures :


  1. The desk.. the outside window view.. the desktop background…pure awesomeness!

    You got the desk from Ikea?

    i really like the grass outside, its just wonderful and very inspiring.

  2. @photon – Desk is Ikea Galant.

    @scott – MBP is the source for all. DVI port powers the 30″, 2 USB-DVI adapters power the 2 Dell’s. All from the MBP.

  3. Luke …. nice set up. Did you have any problems getting the USB-DVI adapters to work? I have 2 – 22″ apple cinema displays that is currently powered by a 1.8 dual power mac (non intel). I want to use my MBP (intel) to power both of those monitors and sstill have the laptop screen if needed.

    question … Did you find that this put a drain on your machine? I do web design, print design and some occasional PS retouching to larger files. but mostly 72 dpi work for web.

    last …. where did you get the USB-DVI hardware that worked with the mac os?

    Looking forward to your response.

  4. Jason, no drain on the MBP (might depend on RAM and Processor) but is fine for me. You can see minimal delay when dragging windows or if using for watching video, but not too bad. I primarily use mine as secondary monitors and don’t do my main work on them so I don’t notice much.

    This is the exact ones I have ( but I think there is a newer version out that may work even better.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Nice setup! I have the same desk, just with different attachments :) I love those 2 pictures on the wall…where can I find those? or download them? Thanks


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