Mac heaven



  • Apple Cinema Display 20″


  • iMac 20″ 2.4Ghz C2D | 4GB RAM| ATI HD2600 Pro
  • MacBook 2.0Ghz C2D | 4GB RAM
  • iPad 64GB WiFi
  • iPhone 3G (replaced by iPhone 4 now!)


  • Logitech Z-2300
  • iPad dock
  • iPhone 3G dock (replaced by iPhone 4 dock now!)
  • Magic Trackpad


  1. Love your setup very similar to mine exept i have a 27″ Imac….. only think i miss is the Ipad, I m saving up money for the new Macbook Air and an Ipad ^^… then I ll post my setup!
    but nice clean simple setup like it.

  2. C’mon people. Apple is a sect. and people that say “My name is …, diehard Apple fanboy. This picture is not really updated, since i have an iPhone 4 and not my iPhone 3G anymore. And I have a Magic Trackpad that’s not on the picture” are comletely out of their mind. Brainwashed sectants. You don’t really need many of these gadgets. It’s just your sick obsession and moreover, fanboy-ism itself is a pathetic phenomenon.

    @FreakFactory, this setup is not clean. It’s a bare desk cluttered with fake valuables.

    PS: to whoever will be arguing with me – I do have a Mac myself, but I keep my head clear. You would be better off doing so as well.


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