Matt Brett’s Home Office




  • 15″ MacBook Pro, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD


  • Apple Wired Keyboard,
  • Logitech MX Revolution Mouse,
  • iHome iP71BRC Speakers,
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB,
  • 2x500GB miniStack v2.5 External HDD Enclosures

Other pictures :


  1. Oh also, what is that stand for the MacBook? Does having the laptop upright cause any issues over time with the HDD or anything like that?

  2. @Ravi: Thank you, sir! I would actually prefer a long desk, but my current office doesn’t permit it. I’m in a 90 year old house and the floors are all uneven. The corner I have my desk in is the only semi-even spot. And even then, I had to adjust the feet of my desk individually in order to get the desktop level. Regardless, this is the way I would have things set up, even if I had a bigger surface to work with. I don’t need a second display or anything.

    The MacBook stand is called BookArc, from Twelve South. Doesn’t cause any issues that I know of.

  3. Very Nice set up, never seen a laptop in that configuration. very clean too, this website should do a post about how our desks look like while we’re working with papers, pens, markers, and files all sprawled out instead of tucked away

  4. @PaulB: Indeed, my desk it always this tidy. With the exception of a few extra things that might collect on the top shelf. I don’t use a notepad or anything. I use for note taking and task management.

  5. fuking beautiful! :))))) only the mouse sux, and speakers has those little things on their front there you probably place you ipod — that doesnt look too nice, even thou it’s pretty smart :p anyways, it’s seriously beautiful, fun and interesting…. xD

  6. That’s a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, arguably the greatest mouse ever created (I use one myself and dread the day it stops working, because they replaced it with a terribly inferior model)

  7. it could be seriously nice using it, it could feel very good in my hand..but it still looks gross :p and the name of it is totally stupid, but if it does the job perfectly then I recomend using it for everyone, even tho noname mouse does it all for me :p

  8. Twelve South BookArc is a great idea! You inspired me to get one. Now my MacBook with the 24-inch-LED-Cinema-Display is looking great!
    Got the Apple Magic Trackpad a few weeks ago. That device is great too. I will take a picture of my workstation setup and post it here.
    Greetings …
    George from Germany

  9. Hey man, looking to replicate this set up in a few weeks time, but just wondering where you got the chair from, looks bloody comfy!

  10. Hi,

    inspired from your setup I got the same notebook stand. A few days ago we had hot temperatures and high temperature in my office. The fan of my Macbook Pro 15″ got louder and louder. So I took it off the stand, opened the lid and the noise of the fan went. I don’t know if this notebook stand is a good idea. I didn’t use it since that happened.

    Greetings …



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