My Command Centre



  • Apple Studio 17” Display
  • Samsung 226BW


  • MacBook Pro 13”
  • Mac mini
  • Power Mac Quicksilver
  • Power Mac Graphite
  • MacBook White
  • eMac


  • ikea expedit desk & shelving
  • Odda sideboard
  • 1950s vintage table
  • Dave Laptop Stand


  • Iomega prestige 500GB External HD
  • Rotel RA-400 AMP
  • Sony Speakers x2
  • Panasonic Speakers
  • x2 iPhone 3G 16GB
  • iPod nano 8GB
  • iPod Shuffle 1GB
  • Macworld Premier issue


  1. I fail to understand why mac users tend to have 3 or 4 macs for their personal use? You could go to a few exotic destinations with the money spent

  2. I actually see more PC users with multiple PC’s than Apple users with multiple Apple’s. Strange. Try not to lump it in as a ‘mac user’ thing. Sometimes people just buy a new computer before the old one dies.

  3. True, I have 3 computers, one 5 year old toshiba laptop used for my magic jack as landline, a desktop I made for my younger brother, and a Gateway FX. But 6 macs? Steve Jobs must love you.

  4. I actually have two other mac minis :P not in shot as they are used elsewhere one is the server and the other acts as a theatre system on the living room TV. I have all these computers, because I collect them


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