1. How can you even plug that yellow thing into such a high-tech, gorgeous device? A nice Logitech mouse will run you like $40. Not that bad for a good investment.

  2. Even if the mouse look is quite outdated, I don’t see why you would replace it if it works. Optical sensor technology hasn’t much evolved, I still use an old blue Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical with a Macbook Pro, and that’s enough. You don’t need a laser sensor to browse the Internet.
    Why would you waste $40 on something you already have that does exactly the same thing ?

    Many people on this site use Apple hardware and some of them put “Think different” in their description. But 70% of these people have the exact same style of workstation. How can you imply you think different when you look so much like others and you have mostly the same usage scenarios ?
    Making an anachronistic look of your workstation, THAT, could be different thinking.
    I’m a mac user but not an Apple fan, and I find the most creative workstations in the “PC” section.

    Without action, thinking is useless. Think different, act different.

  3. Awesome workspace! I am a high school student, but looking for something that is compact like this.

    One question, what stand are you using to prop up your Macbook Pro?



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