1. Hi Kosta

    Most jealous of your setup although I do have the same lamp :) Currently working on VS2010 on an old Dell rig with twin 21 inch monitors. Really early days for me as a developer so working mainly in VB.NET and C# with so much to learn. Intend to setup my mac rig on the desk behind so I can start working on OSX and IOS stuff as well.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and wish my desk was that tidy *sigh*

  2. @MartinB

    haha, I think that lamp is a must have on this blog, if you use apple hardware. :D

    Nice, Objective C is awesome and I really enjoy working in it,
    I will have to upgrade my desk, since it’s rather small for my needs, I will post an update after i complete. :)

    Thanks and best of luck! :)


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