1. WOW magnifique. WOW what a simple chic setup. WOW what a tiny monitor for an Apple Macintosh Pro.
    WOW is that a computerized studio setup.
    By the way is that AOC display any good. I have heard about an AOC brand for a display but how was it the quality over there. Please tell us how come you did not buy the bigger monitor for your high end Apple Macintosh Pro. Other than that GOOD SETUP.

  2. The AOC displays are quite good. I’ve never had any problems with them.
    I don’t need bigger screens. All I do there is Audio recording, editing and mixing. The programs that I use (most of the time Steinberg Cubase) show the audio graphs horizontally . So I don’t need vertical, but horizontal space, and that is given enough.
    The other point is, if the monitors were bigger, they would cover the window and the bass-reflex-system of my speakers.


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