Home Office



  • 22″ Dell Monitor for PC and 15″ Macbook Pro


  • Dell mini station with 4 GB of ram and 320GB HD
  • 15″ Macbook Pro with 4 GB of Ram


  • Printer,
  • Mybook External HD 500GB,
  • wireless router Netgear


  1. I love the colors – orange is hot!

    Oh and what guitar is that? I can’t see the headstock really good, but from the shape of the body it somewhat looks like a Gibson SG :)

  2. @Arjun – Thanks! I very much enjoy the view, on a sunny day it is very inspirational and fun to watch people walk by

    @Jon – Thanks bro! Wife decorated it and picked the colors, I love the orange as well, makes the room feel inspired.

    I think the Guitar is actually one of those little first act knockoff look-a-likes from Target, its my wife’s, she is trying to learn how to play :) If I wasn’t so damn busy all the time I would probably try to learn myself as well lol

  3. @Andrew – Thanks bro! Yeah I LOVE the view and the openness that the large windows give to the room – However, If you want to have large windows in your office, make sure that direct sunlight never comes in, because it gets HOT, QUICK LoL. other than the heat, I love it in there ;) – I try to keep the ceiling fan on and the air conditioning up in there when it is sunny

  4. Nice setup! I just purchased a 17″ MBP and the 24″ Cinema Display. I am very happy with the system overall. Quick question… Is your display exhibiting any creaking sounds as it heats up/cools down or is it completely silent all of the time? My display exhibits what sounds like creaking/popping due to expansion/contraction of internals as the display heats up or cools down. Just curious…

  5. Sorry. I am commenting on the wrong setup. Your office looks fantastic, but I was referring to Maarten van den Berg’s setup. My apologies.


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