GugaJobs – Home Mercenary Office, Freelancer’s BR / Motion Grapher



  • 2 Monitor AOC 2236WA LCD 21″


  • board :Intel Dragontail Peak DP35DP / Intel AGTL+ / Intel Bearlake P35
    QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600,2400 MHz (9×267) / x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3
    Memory: A-Data DQPE1B16 / DDR2 SDRAM / 2GB
    HD: SATA / MAXTOR STM3500320AS
    Audio: Intel 82801IB ICH9 / SigmaTel STAC9271D / HDAUDIO PCI / Offboard
    Video: nVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT/ Offboard / 512 MB



  • Headphone Dr Dre.
  • Keyboard Apple
  • Mouse Apple
  • TV LED FULL HD 27″ Samsung

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  1. To dude above….if you’re serious about Motion graphics, the above set up is not even Entry Level. It’s unfortunate that he posted this fifteen year old set up that I wouldn’t pay 50 cents for. Maybe look into refurbished Mac Pro 12 Core 2.4 Ghz(bare min) with 96GB RAM (min), a MERCURY ACCELSIOR PCIe Express Boot drive(you need at least 780MB/s Read/Write speeds on all your drives if you don’t want to wait two weeks for a render…but preferably 48GB/s if you afford it) and at least 4 internal 512 GB SSD drives Raided, a GTX570 2.5 GB graphics card for GUI or the k5000 for Mac (Mac is seriously lagging in the CUDA graphics cards department) and a PCIe Expansion chasis for quad GPU support(slap 4 GTX690s or 680s in there). You’re looking at 8-10 Grand minimum if you buy this stuff refurbished. Or go pick up a much faster tricked out HP z820 16 core with a K5000 + K20 Tesla setup for 15 grand. Or get one of these PC dudes to overclock your CPUs to 5 Ghz. PC’s are definitely not cheaper than Macs when it comes to Workstations. Unfortunately, you’re going into the one field that requires more than your basic iMac and $1500 dollar PC. Graphics cards are the one thing that you can’t change about an iMac. I’ve tried and tried. No cigar. The Mac Pro actually sucks for almost everything but heavy 4K video editing and rendering relative to a tricked out iMac. So have no clue what the guy above is doing with that machine but there is no way in the world that he is doing anything substantial in the modern world. Premiere Pro CS6 alone would come to standstill with that machine above. Sorry, but I get tired of people claiming they’ve built 500 dollar workstations to edit feature films with…even worse are the people they claim to be working on the next Hollywood blockbuster on their MacBook pro in the local Starbucks all thanks to a La Cie Little Big disk thunderbolted to their machine. Please. Good luck when 4K raw becomes the norm on your 2GB Setup. You get what you pay for mate. You have to spend money to make it. Some people never learn that lesson, always cheap their way through life, and spend endless hours bargain hunting or building their own computers when they could be out making money. The logic of being cheap when it comes to computers is insane unless you plan on never doing anything with your build in the first place.


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