Macmini & PC Home Workstation Setup



  • Hp Pavilion f50 15″


  • 2010 Macmini
    2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics
    2gb ram (I really need to up it to 8)
    320gb HD
  • Hp Pavilion 7905n (super slow, only for ms office and some other windows apps)
    1.35ghz Pentium 4
    1gb ram


  • D-link 4-port usb hub
  • TrendNET 2k-207k KVM switch
  • Griffin iPod Air dock
  • 60gb iPod Video 5’th gen
  • Aiwa 350-watt Stereo System


  1. I can’t tell you as I have CS4. But What I can tell you is that I have not had any issues whatsoever with Ps, Ai, Id, Fw, Dw, or Fl. I only got my mini a while ago, so I have only dabbled in Pr, and Ae on my mini a little bit. From that little bit of dabbling, it seems to me that if you are doing video work on a mini you would definitely want to max out your ram to 8gb. Right now I have two and Ae works fine with some larger projects. Not bad, but not taking first place at the annual potato sack race either. Unfortunately since I have not had any experience with CS5, this is all the info I can give you, :). But you might be able to assume that CS5 will not be anything too much more demanding than CS4. I have read that After Effects has new capabilities to make it far more efficient and quick than CS4 if you are interested. Other than that it shouldn’t take much research to find out for ya.

  2. Hi Gavin,

    Although you said the Mac Mini can run Adobe smoothly, would love to hear how it handles 3D programs, like Blender for example.

    Interesting setup!

  3. @Ari Arsyadi

    Hello! I would love to tell you about how it runs 3d programs, but I really don’t do any work with 3d programs as of yet. I do have it on my mini, but I just don’t have any files or knowledge to help you out. If you have something you want me to try maybe I can help you out.

    On another note I recently upgraded my little baby to 8gb ram! I cannot tell you the improvement it has made. It was fine before, but now I can have decent sized files open in a dynamic link between premiere and after effects while working on them and using things like flipping around spaces and windows, and it has no lag for me whatsoever now. On top of that the new mac minis have an INSANE amount of power. I really doubt I will ever get an imac since the minis really do do everything I need it to do and more. Plus I can switch out a drive if I wanted to without too much hassle, and change the monitor ect. ect. I’d either stick with the minis or get a mac pro for upgradeability and what not.

    Hope this info helps anyone thinking about a mini for graphic work! :)


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