Animator’s Workspace



  • ViewSonic VA1916W 19-inch (40.8 cm) Widescreen LCD Monitor


  • Intel Quad Core with 6 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD


  • WACOM Intuos Graphic Pen Tablet
  • WACOM Grip Pen
  • Belkin G Wireless Router

Other Photos:


  1. Hi Kshiraj, Great setup! This is how I invisioned myself one day, but somehow I have never got to this stage of animation! I had a look at your website, brilliant work! were did you study? and is your office at home or in a studio with the others?

  2. Thanks so much! It would be too nice to see you realizing your dreams too. Thanks for liking my website. I did not study anywhere and learned things on my own. This is the setup at my home. I looked through your portfolio too and it is very impressive. Please stay in touch.

  3. Hello Kshiraj, I have just seen your web and it’s really nice and totally professional, congratulations, I’m just a beginner for the motion graphics I got a technician grade of graphic design and I been working on some tv spots here in Venezuela if you visit my web you’ll see what I trying to do. I’ts nice to know people who loves the animation work.
    P.D: My english is not so good, spanish is my native language.

  4. Hello Kshiraj!

    Very awesome setup…is there a particular make for that corner desk that you have? Very awesome work too..especially considering that you are self-taught!!!



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