• Main PC has 3-24″ 1080 Acer Monitors.
  • Secondary PC has 2-22″ Viewsonic monitors.
  • There is also a 42″ large display, a 15″ Elo touch monitor, a Polyvision annotative monitor and a few others


  • Main PC is an Core i7-2500K, with 16g ram, 256g SSD main drive with 2-750g Raid 1 storage drives
  • The secondary PC is a Core2 duo running Windows XP, a 320gig main drive and 2-500gig hardrives in a Raid 1 configuration, and a Powercolor 4850, 1gig video card.
  • The all-in-one unit serves as a print server and also runs the interactive whiteboard outside of the office, mainly used by the kids.


  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair on Main PC


  • Office includes AMX control system, Crestron test system, Cisco videoconference unit, and Polyvision interactive whiteboard.
  • Elo touchpanel on left side of main computer is the interface to the AMX system. It also functions as a TV and second monitor for the annotative computer.

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  1. Nice one! (Actually, one of the very few setups I like here.) Interesting backlights and monitor stands. Great choice of keyboard and chair BTW.