My Home Setup 2011



  • LG Tv 26 Inch
  • 3x Samsung SyncMaster 931BF 19 Inch


  • Main: Amd Phenom 1100T, 16Gb DDR3 Ram; 2xRadeon 6950 2Gb, 128GB SSD Kingston, 3x500Gb Western Digital;
  • Dataserver: Intel E7600, 4Gb DDR2 Ram; Nvidia 9500 512mb,6x 1Tb in Raid0 + 250Gb Boot,
  • Webserver: Intel Petium 4, 2Gb DDR2 Ram; Onboard;2x 250 Gb in raid0(Server is in my cabinet;
  • Minecraft-Server: Intel E5600, 2Gb DDR2 Ram, Nvidia 7600Gt 256mb, 250Gb
  • Laptop-Big: Intel Core i5; 8Gb DDR3 Ram; Ati 6870; 2x 500Gb in Raid0;
  • Netbook: Intel Atom, 1Gb Ram, Onboard


  • Bamboo Wacoom Pen&Touch;
  • Logitech Mk300;
  • Cherry Keyboard;
  • HTC Wildfire;
  • AGFEO Telephone+Tk Suit server;
  • Logitech Boxes;
  • Some Cd´s (Arround 100-200);
  • Headset;
  • Lowriders;
  • Kathrein Reciever + 1TB Western Digital;
  • IPod Nano;
  • Playstation 2;
  • Wii;
  • 2 Webcams;
  • 24 Port Hp Switch


  1. Hey you need to check out a program called synergy you will only have to use one keyboard and mouse with it.

  2. Haha :D Well now my Setup looks better.. now i own 3×24 Inch Dell :P I have sucess as a Webdesinger/programmer so i can buy this :P There isn’t anything sponsored by Mami and Daddy


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