Nirmala Foundation – Poormans Workstation Office



  • 15″inch LG MINFO and 17″inch Samsung CRT monitors


  • INTEL Pentium 4 – 2,4GHz. Memory: 512MB. VGA: 128MB. HDD: 80GB SATA1. Sound Card CREATIVE standard 2.1. DVD Combo CDRW and CDROM. Custom Personal Computer. Keyboard: LOGITECH standard.


  • All Custom Wooden Work Office Furniture


  • Optic Mouse
  • External Multi-Card Reader
  • NEW PRINTER: EPSON TX 121 Multi-Purpose: Scan-Copy-Print
  • USB 2.0 HUB.


  1. I understand what you’re trying to say, but a lot of us aren’t “blessed” with all the best goods. A lot of us work very hard to afford the tools we use, and those tools help us do a better job and work even harder. Most of us came from a world of CRT monitors and Windows ME, but we worked hard to move out of that.

  2. yup..i agree with @dood, why you’re so sarcastic, we earn our tools by ourselves through working hard to able afford buying those things and that was not an easy thing. i’m starting even worse from you, way back i was start my job i only use second handed computer (p3 1ghz celeron) and second handed CRT monitor, it was 2004 buying from my own savings then i’m able to buy my setup one by one from 2008-now. so stop being rude in someone else place

    jangan salah, saya juga orang indonesia

  3. There was a time when I had to use the library computers because I could not afford one… with a lot of hard work, I now have a great set up. America, the land where you can come from nothing to something, but we don’t get anything for free, it’s from the sweat of our brow!

    God I love this land.

  4. While I definitely agree that hard work is essential to obtaining anything in life. I also agree that people who do have more are blessed even still. Super hardworking people still are blessed. This is a little off topic and venturing off into another discussion so I should probably leave it with that, lol.

  5. Nobody is “blessed”. You get what you give in most cases. We all work very hard to afford what we have and I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say we have appreciation for every thing we have.

  6. Well, I just think it really depends on whether you believe things come from a higher power(as well as your own) or not. But I have to agree that this workstation owner possibly does not fully realize that it takes a ton of effort as well. Just my 8 bits anyway :)

  7. Hard work can get you stuff but “blessed” determines what you get for your hard work.
    Imagine working for hours on a logo and then getting paid with a generous handshake and an invite to lunch at a cheap fast food joint. Or designing a minimum of 3 websites every month for a paycheck of less than 150$. You must be blessed to find opportunities that reward you for your hard work.

  8. If by “blessed” you mean, for example, lucky, then yes. It’s not just a different word to say the same thing. It’s a completely different way of thinking.
    It’s true of course, that someone may be very productive and not be paid what he/she deserves (actually it is, unfortunately, quite common in some places/countries), but it does not have to do with being “blessed” by someone.

  9. I was very surprised by the fact the noone understood what he is meaning.
    It is not a matter of hard working, it’s about the world we are leaving in, they are from indonesia and no matter how much they work, they will not have what you get in the rich world.

  10. Its not necessary to have good looking monitors and good processors to setup a good workstation. That Pentium thing is really good to get the work done…i was using a 6 year old AMD Athlon XP powered system to work o during my college days. And that was more than enough for me.

  11. Sometimes hard work pays off and sometimes due to our countries indifference some of us can’t get what we deserve, we work hard and never get the rewards but at the end is life, so what I’m saying is you have that computer so use it and have fun, money will come

  12. I’m finding it rather hard to follow your rationalization. Though I understand where you are coming from and what you mean (or at least i think i do to some extent), as I too are among those who have since upgraded from CRTs and Pentiums, i find your implication that we are ungrateful and unrespectful(?) of what we have to be rather insulting. You may also want to consider the job scope of someone running a high-end design system, and the requirements that they may require to be efficient, as apposed to someone who merely does data entry or spreadsheets who feels some dire need to have a dual monitor set up.

    On another note, Lorenzo, just my input here, i do not mean to sound condescending but i personally have friends from Indonesia, and from what i know, the income disparity is relatively large there. There are those who can well afford the equipment. I believe justpassingby has put it wonderfully.


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