PC Home Office Setup

PC Home Office Setup

Take a look at my Gaming Setup : http://www.gamingsetups.com/xbox-360/my-gaming-setup/


  • Sony KDL-32W650A 32″ W650 Series LED Internet HDTV
  • Samsung UN32D5500 32″ LED HDTV wall mounted using an Ergotron Neo-Flex Wall Mount
  • Lilliput UM-70 7″ USB LCD Monitor


  • Dell XPS 8500, 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3770 processor (3.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.90 GHz), 32GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
  • Dell Inspiron 15R Notebook, 2nd Generation Intel Core i3-2310M processor 2.10 GHz, 6GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 Memory
  • iPad 3 16GB with Wi-Fi + Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad
  • Nexus 7 8GB with Wi-Fi (on a Griffin WaveStand)
  • HP TouchPad 16 GB with Wi-Fi  (used as a touch screen music player for the Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Portable)


  • Bestar Sutton Workstation
  • Bestar Sutton Lateral File (x2)
  • IKEA GALANT Wall cabinet with sliding doors (x2)
  • Staples Sealy Posturepedic Leather Executive Chair
  • Staples Tayrona Task Chair


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  1. Awesome idea bro, this is going to be one busy site when everyone starts to post up their workstations. Goodluck, will post mine up some time.


  2. @kurrent : No, the habs jersey is there to stay ! Go Habs Go ! ;)

    @Odin : Yes, I admit, I cleaned it. But the reality is close to that.

    @Jacques : Thanks for your comment ! Can’t wait to see yours !

  3. I like your desk too. It’s very similar to mine except mine is glass. Is the shelf on the right meant to be a monitor riser? I really need to add another desk to my office.

  4. Haha, if I lived near there I would probably by it off ya, but I live in Southern California, so that’s a bit of a ways away. And thanks for the store info, I see it on their site, i’ll have to go check my local one to see if they have it in stock. Thanks!

  5. Hey sympa l’install et surtout sympa comme site, je suis tombé dessus par hasard, je suis en ce moment en train de me faire un bureau perso, j’en suis encore à l’étape des plans donc voilà j’essaye de piocher des idées à droite à gauche…

    Sinon Montréal c’est cool, suis en France et l’année prochaine j’aimerai partir vivre à Montréal :)

  6. Salut Mitch,

    Merci pour les commentaires ! WorkstationSetups.com est effectivement un bon endroit pour trouver de l’inspiration quand vient le temps de faire son propre espace de travail. C’était le but en créant le site :)

    Oui, Montréal c’est très cool. J’y ai habité pendant 6-7 ans. Cet été, j’ai déménagé alors j’ai un nouvel espace de travail.

    Je vais updater mes photos et ma description possiblement la semaine prochaine. À surveiller

  7. Ha mince t’as quitté Montréal, back in France? Au moins ça fait une bonne excuse pour refaire son bureau :D

    Je tacherai de poster quelques photos du mien quand il sera fini et si j’en suis satisfait :)

  8. Non, je suis quebecois :) Je suis retourné dans un p’tit village pour construire une grosse maison sur un énorme terrain :D

    Cool ! J’espère voir des photos bientot. De mon coté, ça s’en vient très bientot !

  9. Ha mince désolé, no offense ! :) T’as bien raison, trop de monde en ville, en plus c’est cher ! Bon courage et bonne continuation pour workstationsetups.com je mets en favoris :)

  10. Dang Richard! That’s beautiful. Very elegant and classy!! I’d expect no less from someone running a home office gallery! Nice job.

  11. Looking good – think PogoPlug will be on my shopping list when the internet gets sorted at my apartment. Been waiting 12 weeks for an engineer to come and install a new ADSL line … yawn :(

  12. yeah the sound is brilliant! was it i that told you about the hiss? :) it doesn’t bother me at all either because of the same reason :D

  13. Nice setup.
    Is the Heinekin listed under “accessories,” or should it be u der “office supplies?”

  14. Hi Richard. Excellent looking office! I like the components of an office to be simple yet sophisticated, and I prefer dark colors. One day I hope to have an office that looks like yours. Thanks!!

  15. Hey Alan,

    Thank you ! I spend at least 8hrs a day in my home office so I need it to be simple and functional.
    I’m constantly adding new stuff based on my need so my home office is constantly evolving.

    I hope you will submit your office so we can see it. Did you sent it already ?

  16. Why should we donate money so that you can buy your a new tablet? This is the most self fish thing I’ve seen post on a website. It you want people to donate money its need to be for a good cause. For example, to help pay for the website or to help people in need out. I don’t think most people would want to donate money just for you”wants.” Its need to be something that everybody would benefit off of.

  17. @Isaiah : I agree with you, it’s not for a “good cause” like a charity or a lung transplant.

    I’m not asking for money to help pay for the website because I want to keep it ad-free.
    I don’t use any advertising to monetize my website either…

    It’s my goal to keep my setup on top because I’m the author of the site but it costs a lot of money to have all the latest tech products.

    Donations is just a way for me to keep my setup as cool as possible without spending all my money on my setup/website.

  18. Hello,

    I saw this desk at my local Costco the other day (yes, it appears it still being sold all these years later) but before I bought it I was curious if my monitors would fit under the hutch area. I couldn’t find these measurements ANYWHERE so I was hoping you wouldn’t mind telling me the clearance underneath?


  19. I love your setup! This is definitely helping me a lot right now while design my own. I was also curious what the four things were on your cubbies for your stuff. Thanks :-)

  20. Quick question! The advertisement photos for this desk appear to have a light brown color to it, from what I’ve seen on the Sutton website and Costco. But the actual photos of this desk appear darker, probably because the photo was taken in the dark (Duh). Is the color of the desk a dark brown, espresso-type color or is it lighter?



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