1. Wow. This makes me want to mount a nice monitor on the wall as well if I were to have a permanent setup. Looks nice though, now all you need to really make things clean and minimalistic is a mac :).

    Would look really nice to use some large pvc behind the dry wall to duct the cables. :)

  2. @Gavin Boothe: I thought about a cable channel to hide them, but probably it would disturb the clean look, im not sure ;)

    @workstationsetup.com : My monitor ( HP ZR24w) has a quick release mount, which you can mount direktly into the wall and clip in the monitor. Very useful :)

  3. At least you already got the apple keyboard ;-) :-)
    As soon as you got the rest… your desktop will be loaded with 1000s of icons… believe me ;-)

  4. @Riaz: I bought the lamp at IKEA but i cant find it on their homepage, sry :/

    @mk: nahh, even the desktop has to be a clean place lol

  5. Wow, that’s sleek. You made me think of selling my LP2475 and buy one of yours.

    And how’s image quality and color reproduction? Would you recommend the monitor to no-pros?


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