Trading/Entertainment Workstation



  • 3x Hazro WC 27″ LED Monitors 2560×1440
    Total Desktop Resolution: 7680×1440
    11.1 Million Pixels. No dead pixels :)


  • Intel 2600k Core i7 @ 5GHz
    16Gb Ram
    Crucial M4 256Gb SSD
    2x AMD 2Gb 6950’s XFire
    Blu Ray Player



  • Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers
  • Logitech G700 Wireless Mouse
  • Logitech Dinovo Wireless Keyboard
  • Samsung Series 7 Slate PC
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone
  • Samsung Colour Laser Printer CLP-320


  1. No, all on air cooling. Using the Noctua DH14 cooler and a decent case. The 1000w power supply helps keep things stable too. Hopefully I will have 2x 3Gb 7970’s in next week to help power the displays :)

  2. I don’t see the B&W MM1 Speakers. They are great aren’t they. It looks like you’re a Samsung fan too. I thought that is an Apple iPad but it was a Samsung Galaxy Note that you utilized it for a secondary mini screens isn’t it. By the way I never heard of Hazro monitors but as I found out online Hazro monitors is quite excellent. Is it from the British site as I read it.
    Hey success with your trading. What are you trading online anyway. Take care. Have fun with your great rig.

  3. Thanks Fendis. It is a Galaxy Note, awesome phone. I have added an Asus Transformer Prime as well now. I trade US penny stocks.


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