Work & Play Station



  • 3xDELL U2211H
    I rotate them when I play games:



  • i5 2500K@4.5Ghz
    MSI P67A GD53
    MSI Radeon HD6950 unlocked to 6970
    SSD Vertex 2
    HDD Samsung F3 750Gb @ 7200
    Case: Cooler Master HAF 912
    Power FSP Pro 1100


  • KBD: A4tech KV-300H
  • mouse Logitech Perfomance MX
  • headphones Sennheiser HD215


  1. Very nice setup, I keep debating to add a vertical oriented monitor to my setup…What kind of mousepad is that, just out of random curiosity?

  2. This is a very nice simple setup. It looks expensive to a newbie.
    I liked it so much. Does your INTEL Core i5 have the 1156 or a 1155 socket or is it the 2Nd Generation INTEL Core processors.
    What is the country music you played on your background sound in your YouTube. But you haven’t showed how you rotate your monitors in YouTube yet.
    By the way do you have your own websites and do you have the portfolio of the work you’ve done and by the looks of it you’re an expert with your works. Well then congratulations with your great workstation rig.


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