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My Collection

My Collection

My name is Alexander and here is my collection of Apple products!
Home Workstation for FCPx and Logic

Home Workstation for FCPx and Logic

My Name is Hendrik this is a short Update of my Workstation since Sept. 2014.

Macbook Workstation

My name is Ron and here is my home office set up.
My Favorite Spot

My Favorite Spot

Hi, My name is Aliff JJ, 30 yrs old. This is my home Office for video editing & motion graphic design using with Final Cut Pro 7 and After Effects

Tom of All Trades Setup

Hi, my name is Tom. I am 16 and live in Australia. This is my setup which I use to pretty much everything. I use it for drawing concept art, graphic design, video editing, recording music, DJ-ing, photography and gaming. Before you ask, no, I am not spoilt by my parents. I have personally worked hard to save up for everything that is listed and/or pictured.

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