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Patricio's PC Office Setup

Patricio’s PC Office Setup

Hello, my name is Patricio, and this is the configuration of my workspace at the office. Hola, mi nombre es Patricio, y esta es la configuración de mi espacio de trabajo en la oficina.
Home Desktop

Home Desktop

My name is Jonathan, this is my home desktop setup in my room that serve as a home entertainment cum work station
PC Home Rig Setup

PC Home Rig Setup

My name is Sean. It took me 2 years to build this setup. When I started I wanted to have a multi-monitor solution for my desktop PC setup, but unfortunately desk space is a premium. So the solution came in the form of monitor mounts. The design philosophy of "building upwards", having the best of both worlds, the ability to have multiple screens and still have space to place my keyboard and other peripherals. Later on, I added a console to my desk. But that presented another problem of sharing my existing sound system from my PC to my console. So I employed the use of an audio mixer to distribute usage.

SCF Home Setup

My name is Jean, i live in Brazil and i’m a professional CS:GO player and this is my current setup! :D

SCF Setup (Simple, Clean, Faster)

My name is Jean, i live in Brazil and i'm a professional CS:GO player

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