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Browse these stunning PC & Mac workstation setups. These persons couldn't choose between a PC or a Mac so they decided to have both! It's a Win-Win!

Home Office|Gaming|Movies Setup

Hi, my name is Robert and this is my home office setup. Both PC stations support 3D gaming and 3D Blu-ray. My Dell laptop hosts my Media Extenders in the other rooms. The desktop is my main gaming rig and supports Eyefinity as well as 120Hz on the main screen. MacBook Pro belongs to the wife. Home Server keeps everything backed up and in sync.

My Nearly Finished Gaming Setup

Hey guys I'm Kevin! Avid gamer, trying to startup my own company, and trying to run a youtube channel. Hope you guys enjoy my nearly finished gaming setup! Also feel free to check me out on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/controlaltdestroyer I go by KevvinG online and am always happy to play with new people!

Multi-Platform Home Office

My name is Adam and I live in the bay area. This is where I have got my desk setup so far. I will be making updates to the desk and the office area itself focusing on organization. I will update and I progress with better pictures and more details.

Christmas Setup

Hi ! Here is my Christmas Setup !

Robb’s Workstation Setup

I'm Robb and I've a telecommuting web developer. This is my setup I work on every day. This is part office, part man cave. Tricking out my office has been a hobby of mine for a while.

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