Apple Workstation



  • Apple Cinema Display 30″
  • Samsung 2443BW 24″
  • Samsung 2443BW 24″
  • Samsung 2443BW 24″ (not shown)


  • Mac Pro 3,1 8-Cores, 2.8ghz, 6gb/ram, 4TB, 8800gt, 2600xt
  • Acer Aspire Revo ION 1.6ghz, 1080p, 9400m
  • MacBook Pro Unibody 2.4ghz, 2 x SSD = 128gb RAID-0, 4gb/ram


  • Bose Companion 3,
  • mx revolution,
  • vx nano,
  • apple keyboard Wireless,
  • 3 x ergotron neo-flex,
  • m-audio axiom 25,
  • xbox 360,
  • 30 games,
  • NDS,
  • turtle beach x-41,
  • rebel xsi with 18-55, 11-16, 18-200, 50, 2xflash, wireless trigger,
  • ipod touch 32,
  • ipod classic 20,
  • ipod video 30,
  • ipod nano 4,
  • ipod shuffle RED 4,
  • dock ipod,
  • DMC-TS2. SD870is,
  • 4 x xbox remote,
  • airport base station gigabytes,clp-315, cp760,
  • mx-310,
  • printer ink,
  • hard drive 2tb esata,
  • lacie 500gb portable white
  • etc and more…

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  1. What’s next to your dock on the 30″ Cinema Display?

    Nice setup – I’d love to have something like this someday.

    Appreciate the sharing.


  2. Thanks a lot guy, I worked a lot to make that room better. I’m gonna buy an Audi A4 next month but unfortunately I can’t put that in my room. I’m maybe interested by an HD TV but I’m bored about the 1080p, I can’t imagine that we can’t get better resolution in 2010. I worked and still work a lot on summer break to be able to get those things. As you didn’t know, I’m student and I bought everything with my own cash.

    Coming next :
    iPod Touch 4(launch september)
    HD TV(I use Hulu instead of using hd satellite)
    Dell XPS(not sure)
    Mac Pro Ram
    Cod7, Driver SF, Ghost Recon FS, Crysis 2,
    Apple Cinema Display(if the next gen can get over 3K px)
    website !

    Will never coming next :
    iPhone : way too expensive(1500$ a year mine(virginM phone) cost me 100$ a year )

    Thanks for comments and feel free to asking me questions about every future shop and bestbuy products :) !

    ps: I’m a french canadian so there’s maybe some lack in my english.


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