Holiday Giveaway presented by Cisco Linksys


Here is the winner : Alexandra Ross (Dec 17, 2011 12:42).

Eligibility : This Contest is open to residents of Canada who are over the age of majority in their province or territory of residence excluding residents of Quebec.

Promotion Period : Starts at 9:00 AM on December 9, 2011 and ends at 11:59 PM on December 18, 2011.

How To Enter : 1) Simply leave a comment below telling us why you would like to win this ultimate home networking prize pack.
2) Like Cisco Linksys Canada on Facebook and get an extra entry.
3) Follow @LinksysCanada on Twitter and get an extra entry.

Limit of entry : Each participant may enter as often as they wish during the Promotion Period.


Prize :

One (1) Grand Prize : One (1) Ultimate Home Networking Prize Pack consisting of one (1) Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band N Router (ARV: $189.99), one (1) Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (ARV: $74.99), one (1) Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender/Bridge (ARV: $89.99) and one (1) Linksys WES610N Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge with 4-Port Switch (ARV: $129.99). Total Approximate Retail Value : $484.96.

Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band N Router








Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch








Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender/Bridge








Linksys WES610N Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge with 4-Port Switch









Winner : One winner will be randomly picked on or around December 19, 2011 and will be contacted via email. Winner will be announced here on !

Sponsor : This giveaway is sponsored by Cisco Linksys. Connect with Cisco Linksys on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Omgosh, I’d love to win because I’m in desperate need of some updated technology!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  2. Why would I like to win this ultimate networking package? Just imagine someone who is still stuck in the barbaric dark ages of computer networking, dragging around 50 feet of cable line whenever they want to move their laptop from one area of the apartment to another, while using the internet. Tah dah! I want to join the modern age! :)

  3. This would be great – my house is getting more and more networked, but definitely need some upgrades in there for better performance.

  4. I would like to win because we just had a newborn and are in the middle of a move and can’t afford very much right now… This would be a great way to start off the new year in our new apartment.
    I am following you on Twitter and have liked you on Facebook!

  5. We would love to win this for our family because we have 4 computers in our house and one is a brand new gaming one my son just set up for school (starting college in January). We could really use the extra boost of power!! Our Linksys is 4 years old and out of date! Like and shared!

  6. Wow having a faster network setup would be great.
    I also studied a lot about the electronic market regarding wireless and broadband, so I have really good knowledge to how to set things up :)

  7. I have old hardware and it is finally time to update and expand my network. Time to break away from the cables and make my home network truly wireless.

  8. I would like to win just so that I could give a truly great present to my brother-in-law who is my technical support person – and he’s always available to help. He deserves this. :)

  9. With all the wireless wi-fi devices in our househould, we could really benefit from this! With laptops, Ipods, gaming playstation, wii, xbox, dsi, smart phones, & tablets… everything is wireless!

  10. I would like to win this package, so I can print wirelessly- yes, i’m a product of my generation…lazy!!! ;)

  11. This is awesome. Just installed new network wiring in home as well as a new wireless. This would be a great addition.

  12. Would be nice. Planning to move out on my own and this would really help to keep the price of internet down (since I would not have to buy all of these things on top of internet costs).

    Good luck to everyone else, this looks like quite the contest.

  13. I’m a gadget junky and would love to have a network from one company instead of the mishmash I have now plus those are some sweet looking gear black is my favorite colour

  14. I am attending school to get my bachelors degree in Game Design. We have internet at home, but no wireless. To further my studies and enjoy some time online with the laptop and my xbox at the same time would be a flat out Christmas miracle! Good luck to everyone who enters! This is a great giveaway.

    Liked on Facebook-Here’s mine!

    & following on twitter!- @jamesmartin0908

    Thanks everyone! -James M.

  15. i would like to win the prize pack because my current router is a 4 year old netgear WNR834B v2 that has no case (just the PCB). i am also a sys admin and am currently in school for computer and network support technician at Humber College, and the pack would be a great asset in helping me to get my certificates

  16. My current wifi is super slow :( With this prize pack, I could finally skype my Nana. It was so hard to get her to understand that she can SEE me with a click on her computer, rather than call me up on the phone. Then I get home and thanks to my horrible network, my skype is all laggy. It was so hard to get an 80 year old woman to figure out skype- and now she gets too frustrated because I freeze 5 minutes into our conversation.
    This pack would be a wonderful way to connect us online :)

  17. This Cisco Networking package would be a great addition to our home. We have four computers and four televisions that are all in separate rooms. It would be wonderful to have a networking system like you are offering to make everything run a lot smoother.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway.

    Thanks for the great opportunity. ~Pauline (

  18. This would be a great prize to win, i could donate what i don’t need to my workplace where they could put it to excellent use :)

  19. I would love to win this because I am in need of some updated technology and I have always needed new technology.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. Broke my hip and had surgery in 11/2009.Had to have another surgery on it in 6/2010.Lost my job 11/2010 due to the accident/surgery.Been unemployed since in this terrible economy.Thank you and God Bless-G

  21. With this rig, I might actually get decent WiFi in the far end of the house–a blessing for my daughter.

  22. I have a desk top and the family has two laptops need this to upgrade to great system the ultimate family network awesome !!

  23. I would love to win because we have 3 computers here would be good to get this package and Cisco is good customer service and good quality products.

  24. I would love to win this prize package..It’s not just something I want it’s something I need. The kids always have the internet cord for their games so I can’t get on the internet with my computer. This would be an awesome Christmas present.

  25. My existing linksys router just doesn’t do the job anymore. A computer a short distance away loses signal frequently.

  26. There’s the iPod touch with no WiFi to connect to and the laptop that would dearly love to be free of tethers to name a few and the elderly wired router that ties the rest together.

  27. have a 5 year old linksys router, now I find it slow, with more devices hooked up. Linksys router was great 5 years ago, but the demands have increased, need to upgrade to the newer model.

  28. I would like to win this for my mom, so I can network her Home: pc, and get updates for her HDTV and bluray DVD home theater system. Also so anyone who visits her can use their laptops &ipads.

  29. This whole package would definitely be great. I have 3 kids and lots of wireless devices in the house…Wii, iPad, Kobo Vox, laptops, printers…..would be nice to use these products to simplify the connections!!!!!!!!!

  30. I’d like to win so I can upgrade my home network to wireless N.
    Completed all of the above steps.
    Twitter: slugbug55

  31. Holy cow…would this be the most awesome thing ever! I always get the new stuff for other people and relatives and I get the hand-me-down technology1

  32. I would like to win this, as my current car problems have taken financial priority
    over hardware stuff. A free networking system would be cheaper than buying

  33. This complete setup would bring my home network up to current technological mximum performance. The Linksys E4200 router would increase my throughput and permit me greater control of my ports and offer increased network security.

  34. This would be a wonderful upgrade to my current “so 2005” home networking setup. What I have now works but could be so much better. I currently have 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 wii’s, a Xbox360 and a BluRay all mooching off my current setup. This would be awesome!!

  35. This is an awesome contest, my home is not connected, and this would be an amazing win to help make life easier for myself and my family.


  36. i would love to win as the set up I have now is outdated my computer runs slow hard to keep a good internet connection

  37. I have always had headaches trying to find the right gizmo for this and that an I’m real tired of asking because all of the sales people all have different suggestions. HELP me…

  38. I would love this package because it is awesome! It would be a sweet set-up and I would get my network up to speed!

  39. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    hmmm. Limit of entry : Each participant may enter as often as they wish during the Promotion Period.

  40. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    I liked.

  41. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    hmmm. Limit of entry : Each participant may enter as often as they wish during the Promotion Period.

    I’m following.

  42. I am a teacher and my students can teach me about technology as I am a century behind! I would love a home update so I can learn and become more efficient and a better teacher!

  43. Would love love to win as I have a 13 and 11 yr old who love the internet more than me and are youtube fanatics and gamers and i need all the technological help i can get lol..

  44. I would love to win this because I have to start my life all over again and this would really be a big help.

  45. I would love to win this for my middle son, who went to school and worked part-time to help support our family while I’ve been trying to find work for myself.

  46. Would love to win this for my hubby! Ironically he works every day making video games and our computer is a dinosaur :)

  47. This would just make everything easier!

    Liked on Facebook (JenBoyte) and following on Twitter (ecoursesource).

  48. I am so old according to my kids that I am trying to be more “with it”. I would love to win this and surprise my kids or at least make them jealous!!!

  49. Hey, this would be great, the neighbour wants to split the internet bill.

    Just kidding, but I’m sure it would work ust fine with this equipment.

  50. We are starting up a small home business and need better performance than we currently get… this gear would be ideal!

  51. Would love this because just got into an apartment after being homeless for 4 days, lost job and my kids in the last 2 years. Need this to help with job search and getting things back on track again.

  52. Getting my wife a new laptop for schoolwork, and could really use an upgrade to the network to handle everything!

  53. I am using a beat up old linksys that’s probably over 5 years old now, is slightly bent from being dropped once, and it’s remarkable it still works. A new router & full setup would be awesome.

  54. I would love to win this package to bring my family’s networking into the new ear and out of the dinosaur ages. We use a router now, but having a bundle would be much better.

  55. We are a young family and love to be outdoors and online! We do love to be online but do see and know the importance of outdoor time! We walk our dogs everyday and enjoy every minute of it! BUT!!! WE LOVE TO BE ONLINE!!! We have 2 PS3’s, 2 IPOD touches a WII a PC, A Laptop and of course our Home phone is a magic jack!!!! WOW would this ever help our house out! We could all surf with no problem!!! PLEASE :)

  56. I have been out of a permanent full time position since July 2011. My desktop crashed and I have a laptop that doesn’t allow for much memory, etc. It’s imperative that I am available on-line to apply for positions and check out responses to emails.

    This would be a life-saver. Hope I WIN!

  57. I have a smaill home network now, but I am looking to expand with a GREAT componet like Cisco Linksys! My network will definitely run faster.. .. even my printing will spool/print faster – how awesome will that be?! THANKS for this chance!

  58. So when all my family are visiting my family have ability to all be online and still have okay download speeds.

  59. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    This contest entry on Dec13

  60. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    Another contest entry.

  61. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    Facebook has been liked.

  62. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    I’m following tweets.

  63. I could use this prize. With my current g router, I can get 2 bars if I’m lucky and in the same room.

    Not crazy about the “enter as often as you wish” thing. Don’t you think someone could automate entries.

  64. I have used these products for years, so easy, never confusing and recommend it for people who dont know alot about computers, and connecting to the internet. I need this for my kids =)

  65. Let me tell youwhy Iwould like to win this ultimate home networking prize pack. Simply because I’d get all the hot chicks if I had this stuff! I’d be Da’ Man!

  66. My 50-foot ethernet cable is just not cutting it anymore!

    Its tough to have it around with my young kids and dog too. I need some wireless tech hardware ASAP!

  67. It would be great to win an updated wireless router that lets you be more than 10 feet away from it and have it still work

  68. I would love to give this to my man, he loves his techno stuff, and needs it for his home office….Merry Christmas to All!

  69. Smartphone, ipod touch, ipad, notebook, netbook and desktop… All I need is this ultimate home networking prize pack!

  70. Smartphone, ipod touch, ipad, notebook, netbook and desktop… All I need is this ultimate home networking prize pack!

    Did the facebook thing.

  71. Smartphone, ipod touch, ipad, notebook, netbook and desktop… All I need is this ultimate home networking prize pack!

    I’m a twitter. I’m a nit-twit. I did the twit thingy… you follow? Oh… I’m following.

  72. I live in a house with 4 desk tops and 4 lap top computers between myself, my kids, and grandkids. We need all the help we can get connecting.

  73. We have 3 laptops in the house, and with our current lower power wireless router, I often have teenagers complaining for me to do something about the network because they are not getting enough signal. We want to stream movies to our TV faster and have effortless wireless printing and connection from our iPhones and iPod Touches!!

  74. i shoveled snow for my elderly neighbor, i really would love to have a router that will get me updates outside

  75. I could really use this as I just did a course in Cisco Routing and I would like the opportunity ot have the equipment myself to be able to play around with and set up a home network based on the concepts I learned.

  76. I could use this prize. My current g router works okay as long as I don’t leave the room.

    Contest entry for Dec 14.

  77. I would just love to win this contest, I am setting up my oldest son with his first apartment and he could really use this prize!

  78. I would defineately be able to use this to my advantage. My son is a computer geek and would love to set this up

  79. My husband is in construction and times are slow these days so I am trying to work my business as well as I can. With all of this updated equipment it would really save us money and help us have faster speed on our computer!

  80. So many devices, so many to connect! Definitely could use this to clear up the tangled cables and get everything nice and smooth.

  81. THis would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my husband.,he is hard to buy for.But I know this would do the trick.

  82. My husband and I are planning to set up a home network with 3 PCs and 1 laptop and 2 printers. Linksys is the product and the equipment that we looked at and hope to purchase. Mostly hope to win.

  83. I would like to win bc my parents already use ur products and we love them ! my pc out of dat and need some improvements!

  84. This would be great for my son at christmas my husband and I are unemployed and we could give this to him for christmas if we are fortunate to win. Thank you and good luck to everyone Merry Christmas

  85. I would love to be able to update my outdated system! This even adds a couple components that I have been missing. :)

  86. Did I mention I really want to win this prize? My 3 story house needs high tech wireless to keep the kids and wife connected!

  87. I have been building my home network from others trash. My first computer was a original G3, next a used Dell Desktop bought from a rent to own store once it was to outdated to rent to anyone else and this year my son is being homeschooled so I found a deal on craigslist. If I could win this it would make all my hardships be so much better enjoyed. Please pick me!!!

  88. I would love to win this prize, my computer is a older model and I could really one that is more up to date.

  89. We has a Linksys router but it must be 10 years old, which makes it rather behind the times, so we need a new one.

  90. Almost the big day, who will win this great prize? I hope its me! I can really use the help in getting the home network up to par.

  91. Incredible system my entire family would love to use. My aged equipment is due for this terrific replacement.

  92. Great Prize thank you. We have 6 Computers and 2 Smartphones and I work all day everywhere at home. this would really help. liked on FB.

  93. I’m 16, still just a student. I work at Burger King, but it’s not good and efficient enough to get my dad a present that will completely astonish him. After he started a new business recently, I figured that this year, his christmas present would be the ticket out of his depression and misery, and I realized that it’d be way out of my league for me to achieve alone. I’m hoping to win this so that it could be a present for my father for christmas, a time of giving.

  94. This is a geat home networking package. Thanks Linksys. Our whole family could really use this. Happy holidays to all.

  95. it would be nice to have modern up to date equipment that works rather than this outdated doesnt always work crap i have now.

  96. I would like to win this so I could have all my electronics together. Plus, I’d like my dad to be able to use the computer from his easy chair.

  97. I would love to win a router that works properly. The router I have now is not very dependable and somedays does not want to work at all

  98. jumping up and down, waving my hands like a mad woman…..

    I’d love to win these for my family!

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  99. I would love to win this package. My family and I have had no end to troubles with our wireless network. This package would definitely make things better on that end.

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