Win a Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router!


Linksys E3000

The Linksys E3000 is a powerful dual-band Wireless-N router optimized for wireless entertainment. Connect your Blu-ray players, DVRs, and gaming consoles, and enjoy the smoother and faster HD video streaming and wireless gaming performance that simultaneous dual-band technology enables. A built-in USB port and UPnP AV media server let you share files over your network, as well as stream media content to an Xbox 360, PS3, or other compatible device. Plus, included Cisco Connect software gets you set up in a few simple steps and offers powerful tools for managing your wireless network.

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To participate, follow @LinksysCanada and/or fan Cisco Linksys Canada, and simply leave a comment below telling us why you would like to win the Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router. Only one comment per person. Contest available to readers worldwide.

Winners will be randomly choosen, on Monday,  February 28, 2010.
Winners will be announced here on so don’t forget to come back so you’ll not miss your prize !

Good luck !


  1. To be honest I find no other reason to want the Linksys E3000, than pure and raw need for a better router than the one I’ve got in my home-office. One of the coolest parts is that it looks just like my desktop set-up all down to the LED lights colors. Hope to win it.

    Twitter: @DanielRivasDP

  2. I’d like to get the E3000 because I just upgraded my laptop to the Intel WiFi Link 5300 (from a non-802.11n Intel 4965abg), however, my router is still a Netgear wpn824 (original).

  3. I’ve currently only got a Wireless G, and have been looking to upgrade for sometime. Purchased a Belkin but then sold that on as it didn’t fit my needs. I’ve heard massively great things about Linksys but haven’t been able to afford one yet. I would use it for streaming movies and networking to my car so I can sync music to a car pc.


  4. We have a wrt54g v2 and it barely reaches our living room!! We need a wireless N and also i like the design of the new ones.

  5. Currently own a Linksys 310N and it has been a truly great. But at the time it was just me using it. Now I have 4 other (graphic artists and web developers working from my home under the same router and we have noticed that we need to upgrade. Also after business hours it is heavily used by my family for homework, emails and streaming movies.


  6. I have found that I’m lounging about the house with my iPhone and laptop now – having a better wireless router would make a world of difference to me! My current one isn’t the best ever and occasionally crashes, so I suppose it’s time I got a new one anyway.

  7. I would like this because I need a better wireless router than i have now. With an ipad, ipod, ps3, 2 laptops we could use a high quality product

  8. I would love it because I do have so much problems with our D-Link Router here at home – it sucks very much. Would be awesome!

  9. I just bought a D-link DIR-615 and I haven’t see any improvement in range nor speed over my 5 years old + DI-524. I’m so disappointed.

    I have read good review about the Linksys E3000. I want one to get rid of the D-Link.

    Je me croise les doigts!


  10. I would love to win The Linksys E3000 because i need a wireless router so my husband can finally hook up his XBox360 to our computer.We know we want a Linksys after doing alot of research,just can’t afford one yet.

  11. I’m learning alot about the things that are possible on my computer,and I know that quality equipment helps alot. thank you

  12. We have a Linksys now,but it is very outdated. We have 2 desk tops and 5 laptops in our house and need something stronger for our network.

  13. WOW i need that, because i don’t even have a router, i am useing A wI-fI HOTSPOT, which is only luke-warm.So please tell the powers that be to hook me up. SCOTTIE.

  14. I could really use a high performance router because I share my internet connection with a couple of my neighbors and a high performance router could definitely benefit me!

  15. I’d love to win because my neighbors are tired of supporting my internet habit. They gave me the password and helped me at the store to buy what was needed, but alas I’ve worn out my free ride. Besides, what I’m using doesn’t always pick up the best signal as they are across the street. ; ) It’s not stealing when they give you permission and are aware of the usage.

  16. Winning a Linksys E3000 would be awesome, since I would love to upgrade to wireless. Especially for my sons DSI XL. And I never really won anything.

  17. I liked you on Facebook. I would like to win for my husband as he is the computer techno gurro of the household and would definately use it.

  18. Son-in-law convinced hubby to buy me a Belkin. :-( Wish he would have listened to me! LINKSYS is the best router there can be!

  19. following @LinksysCanada as @cappytweet

    I’d love to win the Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router because our Netgear keeps losing connection, and we have to reset the connection constantly. Definitely time to replace it!

  20. I have so many problems wih the D-Link Router as well. This would same me so much time and aggrevasion.

  21. I currently am using a Linksys router, but I would like to upgrade to a newer version that would have a broader range. The signal is inconsistent, and it would be great to have one that is more dependable.

  22. I’ve always wanted to buy a CISCO Linksys brand router but could never really afford one. Being in the Philippines and all, taxes make them too expensive. To win this, would be sweet.

  23. I would like the Linksys 3000 for I believe it is the top of the line. It would improve the performance from what I have. I am a retired person & like to look different things up & play games . I believe the Linksys 300 would make my time I spend on here more pleasant & faster

  24. This would be so nice to be able to upgrade to some thing which is a heck of a lot smother.then this Pawn Shop item I am using

  25. I have seen the Linksys E3000 in use at a friend’s house and can’t believe how fast the throughput is. I would LOVE to win one of these so that all my devices in the house would run as fast as his. Thanks, Linksys for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

  26. I would love to win a router. I dont have one of my own. I am using the router from my cable provider. I would rather have one of my own so I dont have to keep theirs.

  27. My current router (also a Linksys) is acting a little flukey lately, so winning a replacement (one that is an upgrade to the current one, at that.) would be awesome.

  28. Still running with a router/modem from the home phone company, wouldn’t dare try streaming any content from PC – PS3 etc. as I know it would just fall over…been looking for an upgrade(for quite sometime!), if it happens to come for free well I’ll manage – sooooo….

  29. i am following and my reason is because my current one really isn’t giving me the power i need. constantly loosing connection.

  30. I wanna win because ive always had Linksys and if you have something better then what I have now I need it – I trust Linksys nothing but the best from you all. You ROCK

  31. I have a Linksys! I would love a new one! I’ll probably buy a couple more eventually anyway, but it’s always great to test the market! Thanks!

  32. HI,

    Following on Twitter as @mamawantstowin, fanned on Facebook as Christy Marie. I would love to win this for my husband and son, they would be thrilled.


  33. I want to win the Linksys E3000 because, well honestly, because it’s just sexy as hell! But I could definitely use an upgrade in my wireless hardware and it would be awesome to stream media to my PS3.

    Thanks for the contest!

  34. I have a netgear router that is wired to my system and it doesnt work half the time. Would love to win this!

  35. I’d love to win this because the one we have, we are pulling signals for our laptop, PS3, XBox 360, desktop and iPhone. I cannot imagine the difference this router would make in our lives!!

  36. I would love to win as we seriously need to upgrade our current router. It can’t handle everything we need anymore (we’ve had our current linksys for almost 4 years).

  37. Linksys E3000 is a better router than the one I’ve got in my home-office for all of my business.

    jbcompany at hotmail dot com

  38. follow on Twitter Debra_Fish

    We were just talking about needing a new router…having issues with our old one.

  39. we are on dail up now, but we will be going cable soon so my husband can get more work that he can do at home, if we win this it will be a BIG help so we can both do what we need to do at the same time.

  40. I would like to win this router because I have used lynksys in the past and they I think they make truly wonderful products. Plus I can not afford a new router right now and this would really help me out!!!

  41. I have been a fan of Cisco since I was a kid, and even dreamed of working there as soon as I get a degree in Computer Engineering. I’m also amazed by the different workstation setups being showcased here in your guys’ website. ^_^ Thanks for bringing such a wonderful entertainment! I would love to have this router because my current router (a WRT54G) is # years old now (I can’t even remember when we bought it!) and I believe it needs to rest now. My friend brought his Linksys router (similar to this one, but different color) and I was so amazed by how fast the new routers of Linksys are now, compared to what we have. Plus! This one has a media server. It would be nice to share files with my other siblings without wasting bandwidth, or spending time storing media in a USB. Thanks and Cisco for this wonderful giveaway! Win or not, you guys are awesome. Keep it up!

  42. I would love to make a comparison between my single band 300Mbps wireless n router to see what this dual band beauty brings more to my dual band notebook card and give you back a table with the numbers for different locations:
    – in the same room,
    – same floor with 1 wall
    – same floor with 2 walls and
    – same floor with 3 walls in between.
    Thank you

  43. The router (netgear) I have was given to me by Comcast to use free for a year but I have to give it back at the end of the term. I know that Linksys routers are the best but I am in a financial crisis right now and can’t afford to buy one and would love to win the Linksys E3000..

  44. I do not have a router, so really need one ! This looks great and seems like it would do the
    job. The sleek design is nice, no ugly like other router’s I have seen .
    Thanks for the chance !

  45. We still have dial-up….UGH!! We have been trying to get all the things we need in order to get highspeed and this would definitely help us accomplish that! Money is very tight, as is with everyone so this would be a great help!! Thanks!

  46. I trust Linksys. I have a phone for my computer. It work great and I use it everyday. Would love to have and use this product too. Thank you

  47. Would love this Linksys E3000. I owned a Linksys but my house was recently broken into and it was stolen. I really need this!

  48. My husband and sons are the Geek Guys. I just know that we desperatedly need a better router. This one looks and sounds geeky enough for them. Thanks

  49. We’d love a Linksys E3000, our old Netgear thing is ready for retirement, and built in USB would let us share the external HDD instead of fighting over it!

  50. Linksys is the top brand in electronics, and they’re a brand that’s all about quality. When you buy anything made by Linksys, you know that you’re getting a reliable, advanced, superior piece of equipment with the best performance. I’d love to win a Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router, because my router constantly drops my wireless signal, and I need a router that I can depend on.

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