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2005 Computer Setup. Two computers power the 9 displays. The laptop ran Windows XP and the desktop ran FreeBSD. Synergy allows the use of one mouse and keyboard to control input devices on both machines via the network. (Yes, I used an ssh tunnel for the synergy connection). The slow draw rate on the lower monitors caused me to later consolidate them into 2 larger monitors powered by one graphics card instead of the 3 cards used here.

Young Web Enthusiast’s Desk

Hey, My name is Keith. I'm a teenage student trying to break into the web design/development business. Of course, people say that macs are necissary to being a good web designer. Tell that to my £35 PowerMac G4 in the other room. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, Microsoft expression 3, Snagit 9, Camtasia Studio 6 and other stuff. -Keith.

Photographer Setup

Hi all, My name is Eric, I am photographer based in Montreal, so I use my setup for photo editing, and sometimes for gaming. I have a 22U rackmount unit which contains my linux webserver, routers and switches and my Denon 7.1 DTS receiver. The workstation I use for photo editing is a Quad core 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 10K RPM hard drives for OS and scratch disk, and a raid 5 (4 x 500GB) for photos. I also use an Epson Photo flatbed scanner to handle my negatives which are archived in the left library. I read photography books in my couch on the right.

Alfredo’s Office @ SelfbankMobile.com

My name is Alfredo Leon. I'm the Co-founder and CTO @ SelfbankMobile.com. Here is a pic of my office setup where I make things happen ;)
PC Home Office Setup

PC Home Office Setup

Hey, I'm Richard. I'm the one behind WorkStationSetups.com and this is my home office ! [Updated on 01/13/2015]

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PC Home Office Setup

PC Home Office Setup

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