17-year-old student setup



  • Apple LED cinema display 27″


  • MacBook Pro 13.3″ 2.26 GHz Intel Core Duo
    2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3


  • BeoLab 4
  • BeoLab 11
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard

Other photo:


  1. Looks nice! I started earlier with this desk. I have a apple cinema display 23″, BeoLab 4 PC, Apple wired Keyboard & Mouse, HP Elitook 8530w and a HP docking station for my laptop. I work at a Bang & Olufsen Dealer in The Netherlands and I tried the BeoLab 11 @ my room. It sounds amazing! I want to buy it later this year when I have enough money:P:)! My BeoLab 4 PC stand on my desk. The wall brackets are nice, but the cables that are visible are not… I was looking for the 27″ apple cinema screen, but I think my screen is good enough and it is not wprth the money to buy a new screen.

    But still a great desk you have! I’m a ‘bit’ jealous:P!

  2. Hi Rune,

    Not sure if you will get a notification and respond to this, but I am curious about the combination of the BeoLab 11 with the BeoLab 4 speakers. Both the BeoLab 4 and the BeoLab 3 are interesting choices for computer speakers. The main deficit they have in common is the lack of deep bass response, so adding a subwoofer would be useful. I’m curious how the BeoLab 11 performs in this role.

    The stated specifications say that it only gets as low as 33Hz. I am curious about the combination of this limitation with the wall mount. Do you feel that you get adequate bass response or would you like more? I can imagine that the limitation might not be a problem for movies but could possibly be more obvious on certain movie soundtracks.

    What are your thoughts on the BeoLab 11 and its ability to deliver enough bass, especially when placed the way you have it setup? Thank you for any feedback you may have.


    was wondering if you felt that the combination of this limitation

  3. Hey, sorry that it took me so long to answer your questions. Thought my topic was dead long ago :)


    I found out that i had wasted my money on that Beolab 11, it didn’t really deliver any satisfactory bass when it was on the wall mount, then i tried on the floor – but it was even worse. So i sold my Beolab 11 and my Beolab 4’s and bought the Beolab 3’s which is the best decision i’ve ever made! They are so much better! ( Pictures of my new setup will come soon) :)

    Jerry Foxx:

    Again, sorry it took me so long to respond! And thanks! I definitely prefer the magic mouse instead of the MTP, but atm im using a Razer mouse cuz i have to do alot multitasking when playing poker which the magic mouse isnt that good at.

    I will upload my new setup ASAP! Ive got a new desk, speakers, iMac and so on. So look out for it! ;)

    Hope the answers was usable! :)

  4. Hej Rune

    Ja det se fedt ud, vil lave samme til min søn, men vil lige høre hvordan du har forbundet det hele, lyd til og fra pc’en og hvad med strømen, for beolap slukke ikke hvis det ikke er beolap 4 pc, dem vi har er beolap 4, så der skal jeg lave et eller andet, for at få det til at funke…??


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