Best Mac Pro Setup Ever


Images here

My Epic Custom Desk Build – The Journey – Time Lapse

Epic Tour of A Geeks Desk

My Setup v5 2013 (Epic Room Tour)

My New Chair – Storm Exec Mesh

2010 Mac Pro
Quad core xeons
32 GB Ram
2 x 512 GB Crucial M4 SSD 2 x 4 TB HDD
Dual ATI 5770 Graphics cards
3 x 27 inch thunderbolt displays
3 x Dell 27 inch displays


  • 6 x 27 inch including 3 x 27 inch thunderbolt displays


  • Mac Pro


  • Custom made desk



  1. Very cool setup. i had to look up your videos and see what you did for a living and how that setup was made. very interesting stuff!

  2. I knew Mr.ThaiBox123 is a professional from YouTube. Congratulations for your highend super expensive setup Mr.ThaiBox123. We all saw your wonderful video reviews in YouTube. You are amazing. Your super duper setup deserved to be envied for. You have inspired one of the many that wanted to be successful as you. It is a dream to have a lifestyle and to owned a highend rig like yours. From what we know you deserve to be called: Mr Fantastic of the Luxurious IT World and everything you have from what we saw in your videos are all deliciously lavish. :) :)


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