My Favorite Spot

My Favorite Spot

Monitor(s)/Display(s) :

  • LG 21.5″ (2nd Monitor)
  • Sharp 19″ CRT Television (for SD Video Preview)

Computer(s)/Tablet(s) :

  • Mid 2010 21.5″ Imac, i3 3.06ghz, 6gb ram

Furniture :

  • Table from Ikea
  • 2nd hand chair from bank clearance

Accessories :

  • Divoom X-force 1 speaker
  • Panasonic mini dv camcorder (as “connector hub / converter” for connecting imac to CRT TV using firewire & rca cable)
  • Sony mini dv camcorder (for mini dv tape digitizing)
  • Canon e-510 printer
  • table lamp from some shop
  • Yamaha audio equalizer
  • cassette player / recorder for some “vintage project”


  1. You have a great computer setups but my basic question is that, why do you still have that old CRT TV on for. Are you watching TV from your CRT’s, hopefully not for your third computer screen monitor.
    One other thing, everything you have there is an updated piece of computation gadgets but your photos that you took looks very low-pixelated you need a high-definition digital camera before you shoot your digital image so we could all see clearly your computer setups photos – especially you are a graphics geeks – you should be able to post better pictures then this ones.
    Other than that you did a fine job showing off your workstation machine.


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