1. now THAT’s a headphone. (= congrats!

    good choice on the matte display. (=

    just wanted to understand the wired mouse. I know razer make good mices, but, there’s so many mice with good response.

  2. @Yuri Goyacaz

    I went with razer because i do a bit of gaming every so often and have been told/read that they are the best. My work offers a great discount on the mouse but not the wireless one. so I bought the wired one to save some bucks haha. I plan on getting a wireless one though. I really do HATE wires.

  3. The headphones are boss. I just got some Shure SRH440s running with a few parts (ie. cups) from a pair of SRH840s. These looks really decent. I need to check into them.


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