Josh’s Brand New Home Office



  • Left: DELL – ST2420L 24-Inch Ful HD Widescreen Monitor with LED
  • Right: Hannspree – HF237 23-Inch LCD Monitor


  • Apple Mac Mini Mid 2010 (Last generation with DVD-R Drive)
    24GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2gb 1067MHz DDR3.
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 320M 2566MB
    Running Lion 10.7.4.


  • IKEA Galant Desk Brown/Black with Metallic A-Frame Legs.
  • IKEA Markus Swivel Chair in Blue.
  • (Red Lamp is from Indonesia)


  • Apple Numeric Keyboard
  • Logitech Performance MX Mouse
  • iPhone 4S Black 32GB & Book Book Casek
  • iPad 2 White 64GB
  • iPod Classic Dark Chrome 160GB
  • Logitech X-140 Desktop SpeakersNot Pictured;
    Airport Extreme
    Apple TV 2
    Canon Pixma MX882 Wireless All-in-one Printer


  1. Actually, neither are thunderbolt. The DELL LED is direct HDMI to HDMI input and the Hannspree is HDMI to DVI or VGA can’t remember which it actually is…

  2. Hi, Josh. We gave my Dad a Canon PIXMA 882 and are having some issues. So far Canon hasn’t been much help and I am wondering if you might kindly offer some help. Dad is on a Win 7 machine, I’m on an old MacBook w/Lion. He has AT&T DSL and I bought the Airport Extreme and Express setup because I’m far away from the router. The router has only one port so it is connected to the Airport and the printer is supposedly wirelessly installed. It works okay most of the time, but there are glitches (such as when Dad tries to send to certain faxes it says that they are incompatible). The most annoying issue is that the fax picks up the phone line (we have two, it is on the same line as the DSL), but I doubt that is why we have that problem. Canon says that the Airport won’t support the wireless install and wants it direct to the router, but if I do that I cannot use my Airport. When I try to follow their setup, the easy install on the PC fails and I can’t see a way around this is the custom install. If I try to install from the printer, both of the Apple addresses that it finds fail when I try to connect to them. Any hints at all would be appreciated!

  3. Deb, I’m not sure about the fax issues because I don’t have any fax lines connected. It sounds to me personally, (I’m nowhere near an expert in this field), that the non-compatible fax line issues could be coming from the actual line itself? Have you thought about contacting AT&T? I’m so sorry if this is not helpful. I just don’t use the fax machine.


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