1. I was wondering how he got two monitors “plugged” into the MacBook Pro.
    And the only “issue” in that desk (and this is just to tease the owner) is the Glossy screen. )=
    (BTW, I have the SAME MBP, but with the Matte screen).

    Parabéns, Fábio! Desk invejável! (=


    PS: Se puder explicar como conseguiu conectar os 2 monitores ao Mac, ficarei muito grato.

  2. Nice picture. I wonder how you could have done to connect two display into your Macbook Pro. Could you give us a little explanation? I wish I could do the same. Thank you.

  3. Nice workstation !! Parabéns Fábio ! Belo local de trabalho, dá ânimo trabalhar em um lugar bacana.
    You can use your iPad like a monitor too. I used a app “iDisplay” for that.


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