Home Office



  • In the photo there is only one monitor, Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW but usually there are 3 monitors
    2 Samsung SyncMaster and one Acer all of them 22 inches
    and there is also a Wacom cintiq 12


  • An iMac 24″ can’t remember exactly which model…but it is a 2009 one…waiting for a 27 inch.
  • A MacBook Pro 17″
  • A desktop pc under the desk.
  • An HP Pavilion Laptop
  • Dell Studio XPS 16 (which is connected to the Samsung monitor you can see in the photo)
  • An MSI Wind100 Netbook. (which at the moment i took the photo was in my backpack)


  • An HP printer on the right…not sure if it showing in the photo.
  • Some more logitech keyboards and mouses near the desk.
  • And 3-4 apple mighty mouses that stopped scrolling :(
  • 2 External HDs 1 TB each.
  • Iphone
  • Ipod touch
  • Ipod nano
  • Moleskines,pens, sticky notes :) and an A4 pad.
  • I have 2 routers in another room next to the home office. the imac connects through wired connection and everything else using wifi.



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