Office Space



  • 3x Dell ultra IPS 27″ ( 7680 by 1440 resolution )


  • Case: Coolermaster HAF-X

    CPU: Intel i7 980x

    Cooler: Watercooled Corsair H70 block

    Mother Board: Gigabyte X58 K1-Assasain

    RAM: 12 gigabytes of DDR3 Corsair Vengance

    Graphics Cards: ATI XFX 6990’s x2 in Quad fire

    Main C drive using a Western Digital Black HDD ( used for OS only )

    Extra Internal storage 4x Terabyte Samsung Spinpoint F1

    Media: 1 x Asus DVD drives.
    Aerocool Touch-2000,fan controller with touch control

    Power Supply Unit: 1200 watt Corsair AX1200

    External HDD’s:

    2x terabyte Western Digital.
    1x 320gb Western Digital Elements Drive.
    1x 3 terabyte Seagate free agent

    Areocool Touch-2000: Touch control LCD panel for fan controls and temps.


  • Custom built office space designed by me, and created by Creative By Design.
  • Soft leather chair with full recline mode and adjustable head rest :D


  • Sound:
    Creative XFI Sound Blaster Platnium.
    Logitech Z2500 5.1 surround sound system with DTS and THX support.
  • Headset:
    Logitech G35 7.1 virtual surround sound.
  • Xtras:
    Logitech G19 keyboard.
    Logitech G9 mouse.
    Barracuda Juggernaught 1 metre wide mousepad. ( for better productivity )

    Graphics tablet: Wacom Cintiq w12x ( for graphic work


  1. You need to sort your cables out man, and maybe get rid of all the dolls and this would be an awesome setup.

  2. @Tommy – haha not dolls to me man, I use them as visual inspiration, the whole look of the office is to fuel my creative mind :D

    @George – Sure are, specs are written under the photo ;)

  3. @Phillip for the exact same reason some guy owns a Ferrari, because it’s nice to have power. It’s only 2x 6990’s and 12gb of DDR3 ram not 16 ;)

  4. @Jake thanks man

    @Adam .. I have found it to be an excellent air cooling case solution, brilliant air flow, loads of space .. even fits XL-ATX motherboards ( which is what my board is FYI )

    It’s loaded with features, great cable tidy etc .. so yea it’s just an awesome case … with a terrible name lol :P


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