Stefan Didak’s Home Office



  • Main area: 2 x Eizo 24″, 4 x HP 24″
  • Side area: 3 x Huyndai 17″
  • Other side area: 1 x 27″ iMac




  1. OMG, are you kidding :-) What are you doing with this setup? The U.S. Defense Department must be jelous as hell ;-) You should rent the setup for 3D Realtime Simulators…

    to be honest, why not buying one big HD panel… this would give less cables and power consumption.

  2. A single HD panel would never support the number of pixels and screen real-estate (or quality) that multiple monitors do. It also wouldn’t work too well if you’ve got a dozen systems linked to the multiple inputs to provide a multi-system-multi-multi-monitor setup.

  3. Has your eyesight suffered from this ? and do you get pain on your neck from moving your head so much ?
    lol basically how are you affected physically from the monitors ….your hands, eyes, etc

  4. No neckpain or other discomfort. If it caused that I’d set it up differently, duh. :-)

    The only minor physical difference is that I glow blue in the dark and wherever I walk I disrupt powerlines and telephones. But I’m not sure it’s because of the home office. :-)

  5. Lol alright. One more questions Mr. Didak,
    What chair is that ? You must have a comfy comfy chair that offers good back support yes ?
    I bet not many people ask about your chairs.

  6. Actually, I have gotten quite a few questions about the chair but I think a lot of people recognize it from its style and shape already. It’s a Herman Miller Aeron. And, indeed, if you do a lot of work sitting down a good chair is well worth the investment.


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