A Very Productive New Year Giveaway


Congratulations to Dorothy H,  the winner of the A Very Productive New Year Giveaway! WorkstationSetups would like to thank all of you for participating…. and for those who might be interested in purchasing a Monitor2Go, and as a special ‘thank you’, we have just confirmed with MMT that friends of WorkstationSetups are now entitled to a special $20 discount. Simply email MMT at workstationsetups@mmt2.com and they’ll take care of you!

Eligibility : The A Very Productive New Year Giveaway is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia) and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.

Promotion Period : The A Very Productive New Year Giveaway begins at 5:00 AM on Friday, January 4, 2013 and ends at 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

How To Enter : Leave a comment below to tell us one of your productivity-related resolutions for 2013.

Limit of entry : Each participant may enter only one (1) time per day during the Promotion Period.

Prize :

One (1) Grand Prize : Winner will receive one (1) Monitor2Go HD+ . Total ARV of Grand Prize: $329.

With your iPad 2 or iPad 3rd generation (or any HDMI tablet) you can share your screen on our 15.6″ LED-backlit display. Perfect for presentations, or 1,000 other uses.







With DisplayLink technology, you can also connect to any Mac or Windows laptop through USB.





Connect any phone or media player with HDMI, and you’ve got a mobile theater.






Winner : One winner will be randomly picked on or around February 4, 2013 and will be contacted via email. Winner will be announced here on WorkstationSetups.com !

Sponsor : This giveaway is sponsored by Mobile Monitor Technologies. Connect with Mobile Monitor Technologies on Facebook and Twitter.



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  1. One of my productivity goals is trying to get standing desks at work. The ones that can switch between standing and sitting in one motion.

  2. One of my new years resolution is to use more apps to be able to streamline my workload making it more efficient. :)

  3. Get a cleaner workspace were i can sit straight and get better discussions with customers with this technic you want to give away.

  4. My major productivity goals is to get my front yard landscapped. I finished the back yard in 2012 and it looks great, birdfeeders and birds, butterflies, big bumble bees and even the squirrel comes to feed, but the 3 dogs are too lazy to chase him away.

  5. My New Years Resolution is to get a Envelop desk and Embody Chair for my home office. These are really great Herman Miller products that will help reduce back pain. I am so lucky that my job has them I just need to get some for home.

  6. To get a new desk chair for my workstation at home and a new faster computer so I can get even more done with my day. I want to re organize my desk to make it more efficent.

  7. My productive resolution is to become stronger and healthier. I’ve always been active, walk on my lunch breaks, etc but this year I want to step it up a notch. Making better decisions.

  8. I need one of these great monitors to be able to use my laptop (screen died) to enable myself to continue to pursue my dream of being a photographer.

  9. My productive goal for this year, is to become more organized and efficient! “Thanks for this great promotion!”

  10. I have Type 1 Diabetes and I would like to learn how to use a diabetic app to help control my diabetes.

  11. My productivity goal this year is to customize my office to my disability needs. Not being able to sit or stand for long periods of time, due to poor legs and spine. I would love to try and customize it where I would be able to stand, kneel, and sit in a easy accessible rotation system that moves my computer with me without a lot of hassle. I work at home, but home hobby is my work.

  12. I do one on one training / mentoring a local prison so this would really help with my efforts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. My goal: To alternate short bursts of computer tasks with household tasks to keep my core muscles from getting lazy and myself from getting sidetracked.

  14. This will allow me to get work done on the go because I will actually be able to see what i’m typing!!!

  15. Love to have the monitor 2 Go HD. Like the multi-platform home office space. What well they come up next. Very exciting technology.

  16. One of my goals is to be ahead of schedule by the end of the week, by working only 8 hours per day. I can do it now in eight, but will have to dedicate 99% of my time for work.

  17. I will clean up my back yard, the year before I could not put my head
    down. I had my two head surgeries to stop the headaches.

  18. I’m trying to organize my work spaces. I have a little bit of everything everywhere and really need to get things straightened out

  19. My productivity goal is to create an outdoorsy workspace. I love the fresh air in the summer so I’m trying to get my deck more work ready

  20. I would like to go to a resort in Fiji where no cell phones will work. My husband and I will be forced to relax without any distractions.

  21. To be more productive at work in 2013 I will stop procrastinating when it comes to deliverables for my projects.

  22. Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! My productivity is to use less ink and papers from the printer. Maybe double sided printing, smaller letters to fit in a page, send digitally, less documents, etc. It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the monitor2go hd to work and eat again. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  23. Monitor2Go HD+ appears to be a very efficient and effective way to utilize use a mobile device to share a presentation or video with a larger group.



  26. Make a list the night before of items that need to be accomplished the next day, and do the least pleasant ones FIRST!

  27. To be sat up at home starting own business from there showing sample products and welcoming comments for improvements. Would help financially.

  28. I must find a way to clean out my inbox, I only have 8,500+ emails to go through. This would be a great tool to help me accomplish my goal.

  29. My resolution is to get my desk better organized, use less paper & ink. That monitor would free up a lot of space on my desk:-)

  30. My productivity related resolution is to force myself to only check email two or three times a day. No idea how much time I wasted in 2012 by checking email constantly and then be distracted with random other tasks, responding to mostly useless emails or getting completely sidetracked altogether.

  31. I pledge to limit my Facebook time to 30 minutes a day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void.

  32. One of my goals this year is to get my workspace more organized. This would give me more time to do things I enjoy.

  33. One of my productivity-related resolutions for 2013 is enrolling in online classes in order to get my B.A.

  34. My productive resolution for 2013 is to get everything I need to get done each day and to stay organized.

  35. This would be great to use for working on presentations created on my iPad or to easily view and review attachements in e-mails that I get on my iPhone.

  36. Rise earlier each day so that I can accomplish some thing while my brain is still fresh (read: before the kids get up).



  39. My productive resolution is to have a cleaner area so I can find what I need and update some of my equipment

  40. My productivity resolution for 2013 is to get the most important things done first rather than leave them until the end. If I finish the less desirable work, then I can give myself a reward of entertainment.

  41. I would love to be on a fast computer and not have to wait until it connects to each site. Mine is so slow…

  42. My resolution is to improve the efficiency with which i complete projects. The hope is that the work will get done in a more focused way and ultimately save time. This in turn should open up more time for taking on more projects or leisure time!

  43. I need to be more organized by making more lists that I dont’ loose the scraps of paper I write it on. I should get a ipad or iphone to make these organization lists but that was on a scrap a paper i wrote it down on and suddenly lost it.

  44. I want to start creating due dates for myself on various personal tasks, so that I have a time line and motivation to get them done.

  45. My productivity goals for 2013 is to learn how to use my current productivity programs to their full extent, so they actually become productive, lol

  46. While having back surgery, neck surgery and being in positions that are impossible to sit at a desk to work, or search the internet I would love the alternative, in my bed, without staining!

  47. I’m a recent film school grad, I am working on some independent projects and this product would help me a lot with editing and with showing my work to potential investors.

  48. 2 productivity goals relating to your lovely product are:
    organize my electronic files better;
    use technology better and to demonstrate complex ideas.

  49. I am planning to shut my wi-fi off when not needed, when working. It’s just way to temping to check my email, read articles, etc. Why not just turn it off, and focus on my work? I’m removing the temptation.

  50. I ‘m trying to be more organized with my listings of sweepstakes and contest entered.Daily ones need to be done again while adding newones as well. I am becomming more productived by being more organized. I need tocheck in at certain sites that pay for my ideas. I give cooking ideas as well but without payment .Waiting to see what developes in 2013,because of incresed productivity.

  51. My Short-term productivity goals are as follows: to apply&obtain as many scholarships as I can to enroll for spring/summer semester for my B.D. apply for volunteer and intern services, obtain a computer desk, file/storage too become better organized clutter free and look for a new roomy home.

  52. My productivity goal is to bump up my business for my cake decorating business. I would love to have a more steady stream of orders so I need to get my name out there more.

  53. I pledge to limit my Facebook time to 30 (or so) minutes a day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void.

  54. My goal this year is to spend more time away from my desk and meet with people face-to-face. The personal touch is missing in alot of business dealings today.

  55. One of my resolutions was to apply for college.I did that yesterday and would love to have a newer computer for my new life!

  56. Hubby has his own business, and he NEEDS to keep up with the rapidly changing tech innovations… and it does help! I sure would give this to him!

  57. One of the issues I have, is keeping focus on one task at hand. To many distractions, people asking for help when tasks are needed to be done. Using the equipment to work off laptop, connected to HDMI projector would greatly simplify things

  58. One of my productivity related resolutions for 2013 is to switch all of my bills to online banking for better efficiency & less paper.

  59. My resolution to be more productive is to stop entering contents online at work. Ooops. Resolutions are meant to be broken right?

  60. With me having a total of over 18 Grand-Children and Great-Grand-Children…………………
    Tells How Very Much I Need To Win! Yep! Thank You!

  61. I want to become more focused. I have used the Pomodoro Method in the past and am trying to make it part of my daily routine.

  62. I am looking to be fully organized, get all my pictures, documents and such onto my portable hard drive as well as link all of my electronics together so they work in sync.

  63. I need to clean up my email — and create folders for emails that I need to hang on to so they are easier to retrieve when I need them.

  64. this is one of the coolest things ive seen in a while .. with contests just entering is so fun and everyone is a winner .. thanks for the contest and for those who entered good luck and happy new year..


  66. I will use more of the technology I have to do more of the work…let the technology work for me and get rid of all the paper I carry around!

  67. My productivity related resolution is to get more organized and get rid of the clutter so that I can get more done.

  68. Leave a comment below to tell us one of your productivity-related resolutions for 2013.

    find more time

  69. Get a cleaner workspace. I would love to win this for my husband. He is a pastor and It would really clean up his desk space

  70. One of my best resolutions this year is to get fit and lose some weight. I am thinking of introducing workout/gym time to the office so that we may burn some calories after work and before going home. If everyone joins, we can finish our work an hour early and instead go for a run or a jog by the least. At the least of my expectations, I should be able to form a group of colleagues that are willing to accompany me to a close by gym during the weekends perhaps.

  71. My goal is to get more organized, which will increase my productivity in all areas. This includes most everything I do, especially setting up a system for filling out and tracking numerous online forms quickly and accurately as well as research for my family genealogy.

  72. One of my productivity-related resolutions for 2013 is to reorganize my work area and utilizing empty areas.

  73. I pledge to limit my Facebook time to around 30 minutes a day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void.

  74. Being more productive is a prime goal of mine for this year. This monitor would help me achieve that goal.

  75. well get to get started im going to get everyone to clear out the clutter in the office. the get new desks because ours are falling apart.

  76. I pledge to limit my Facebook time to 30 minutes a day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void. Indeed.

  77. One of my productivity goals is to win this HD screen so I can use it while recording bands on-the-road during our tours and live shows. This would also be excellent for editing music videos on-the-fly. Please pick me!

  78. I would like to win and be able to take it with me to college. My present laptop has to stay hooked up @ home with modem.

  79. I plan to increase my productivity in 2013 by optimizing my work schedule. I am most productive in the mornings so that is the prime time when I can work most effectively.

  80. My productive new year’s resolution is to get in better shape, make healthier decisions, and get better connected with family and friends.

  81. One of my productivity goals would be standing desks with stools as opposed to traditional chairs and a lounge like Google and Facebook employ for their staff.

  82. My productivity resolution for 2013 is to develop a tight routine that will allow me to spend more time at my desk working on developing the arts community and to continue to develop my career within them. I resolve to diversify how I work and develop new ways of working.

  83. Keep my workstation clean and organized, and keep everything together in one area to minimize having to go searching for things I need.

  84. My productivity resolution is to start things earlier in the morning and stop being a procrastinator. If I can accomplish these goals my productivity will sky rocket!

  85. I do pledge to limit my Facebook time to 30 minutes a day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void.

  86. I’m buying a mountain bike and going to start riding so I get better exercise for my heart. I’m also going to put in a driveway and new drainage pipe under it. Got a bad heart from a genetic condition so just gonna pace myself.

  87. I resolve that this year I will increase my productivity by turning off the TV for 6 hours during the week. I will put that time towards growing my at-home business!

  88. This year I’ve created my own calendar in excel that includes things like rewards for habits that I’m trying to develop, recipes for things I’d like to try, movies I want to watch, books I want to read. So far, with a little tweaking it is working great!

  89. I want to start on a small project to complete and that would remove it from my long list of Things To DO. By completing small projects, the large amounts will decrease in a timely manner and will not be overwhelming.

  90. My productivity-related resolutions for 2013 evolves around increasing episodes for arriving to my various appointments AHEAD of time! I believe I have conquered basic punctuality which is essential to any organizational skill set. Now, I am moving on! Yes, on some level we are all works in progress!

  91. I would organize my desktop – create folders for like programs, rearrange the icon layout, etc etc.

  92. I would like to implement a naming connvention for our shared drive at work to make it easier to find items.

  93. My goal this year is to become productive enough in my freelance work to be able to afford health insurance. I have a terminal liver disease that can be cured with expensive chemotherapy, but I don’t have insurance and can’t afford it. I’m ill too often to hold down a regular job, so I freelance at home. . . but my computer is ancient and terribly slow, and my monitor has some serious problems that are making me think it could fail anytime. I’m earning enough money to pay my bills and feed myself now, but I think I could easily double my income with a new computer and monitor.

  94. plan on how i can rig up a swaying arm by my bed so i can lay abed at my ease and use my computor and watch the world go by

  95. I want to start designing my own graphic tee’s this year as a new business this prize would def. help

  96. My productiviity resolution is to establish a maintainable budget, and get my finaces in order so that I may become debt free in the future!!!

  97. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things.

  98. My productivity-related resolution for 2013 is the be healthier, mentally and physically and to do more active and outdoor activities with my teenagers.

  99. I would like to explore my options with this exquiste product to see how for I could go
    in learning new things.

  100. One of the things I plan to do is to stop procrastinating so that things don’t pile up on my desk.

  101. My resolution is to improve the efficiency with which i complete projects. The hope is that the work will get done in a more focused way and ultimately save time. This in turn should open up more time for taking on more projects or leisure time! YOLO!!

  102. clean an organize my desktop so the clutter doesn’t get in my way and then i’ll be able to put my second monitor up

  103. My 2013 new years resolution is to remain positive. I learned a lot about myself and life in general in 2012. 2013 will be another great year! : )

  104. I have been waking up 45 minutes earlier every morning, and eating a healthy breakfast to help my day start off right.

  105. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things

  106. I plan to invest in binders for my coworkers, they are very messy and it’s hard to get things done.

  107. well its to resolve the issue of the next generation ive heard of swinging on the vine but an apple is an i hop a one stop a sweet talking sugar coated candy man i love candy likie an apple apples the best the sand blowing in ur fwace

  108. I pledge to limit my currently excessive Facebook time to 30 minutes a day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void.


  110. My productivity-related resolution for this year is to read more content of substance like the Globe and Mail and less LOL Cats. ;)

  111. One of my goals is to have all my devices working together. So when I take a picture on my iPhone or iPad it syncs to my photostream on my computer.

  112. I need a scanner to get rid of all the paper that has been accumulating and put everything on the web…a little slow but I’m starting to see the light. Help me get there, please!

  113. To obtain a dual platform media service center to assist w/ my study and research of Religion, Psychology, Nutrition, and Public Speaking classes, obtaining a 4.0 GPA and allowing me the ability to apply for academic scholarships and move my closer to my education goal of obtaining a masters degree.

  114. Remodel my office and add more storage area allowing for a bigger desk area. I really need to change positions during the day while working in my office. I like to stand, kneel and sit….I guess it’s my bad spine, but this is the year I will do it!

  115. My productive new year resolution in to be more organized – aka – clean up and clean out. I’m a single mom and my wish is to provide my son with up to date technology so he can succeed as he progresses through school – he will be 10 this year. Then – I hope and pray his vacation wish can come true – he wants to go to the Grand Canyon when school gets out this summer – so that’s my other productive wish – work hard and save to make that wish come true.

  116. My productivity-related goal is to sleep less. I’m currently pulling those nap two-a-days when I could be doing some type of legal work for money. Aka, I need to not be lazy…a rad set-up like this would make being conscious way more convincing. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

  117. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things..

  118. To be more productive in my business through greater efficiency and a committed focus. This looks super. I could produce improved presentations with this and wow everyone.

  119. My full-time job hunting continues so I will be working part-time/seasonal/temporary until that resolution is realized. Being productive with that job hunt is all in putting more applications and resumes out there along with increasing my in-person submissions and interviews. I just want to increase my being out there where my preparation actually meets opportunity even though I am already anxious to start my career.

  120. I pledge, for the year of 2013, to keep a ledger of all of my expenses so that I, looking back, will be less tempted to spend more money on various products.

  121. One of my productivity resolutions this year was to begin using a voice program to write emails, notes, memos and business letters instead of typing them out. I think that would make a huge difference in my productivity.

  122. I’ve got to learn all about apps once I get the new technology to use them. I’m sure they will help me get organized.

  123. For me it would be getting more use to all the functions in the programs I use at work, seems to be a lot of things I could do to save time if I just put the effort in learning them in the first place.

  124. One of my goals this year is to do an invoice the day I do the work…not wait a month and forget what I did!

  125. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things. .

  126. Productivity resolution for this year is to delete my twitter account. Its useless anyways. The thought of the time wasted on this app pains me. Facebook…. you’re next.

  127. I pledge to limit my Facebook time to a quaint 30 minutes per day, for one tends to become… lost in its luring void.

  128. Working on a silent environment where no one can disturb you focusing and sorting your desk would improve your focus on the work, clearing some unused icons of the desktop would be helpful too.

  129. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things. ..

  130. i AM RESOLved to learn how to regularly back up and store my files. & learn to be more comfortable using Cloud storge too.

  131. I want a work station that is moveable and I can move it from my office out to the tv room or kitchen. Standing would be great too!

  132. Productivity resolution? Exercise these fingers of mine, so as to maximize my speedeous typing ability.

  133. I really need to flexibility to streamline processes for the different systems I access when I need to convert my spreadsheets and other documents between working in office and from home.

  134. My goal this yr. may not seem like much to others, but I’ve yet too connect my small business into a network, that I feel safe with. The last time I did set up a network to connect my three computer by WiFi somehow it was hacked. I’m not that big of a wizzz at network’s and at the same time, I to small to have a company set it up for me. this meas I have to get myself educated in the matter. that”s my goal.

  135. Two monitors during tax season would make my life alot easier!! I could have last years return on one of them of even look up IRS rules while keeping the return I am working on open.

  136. my productivity issues are my uncomfortable chair, I work from home and need something more comfortable. I would love to have two monitors to avoid switching back and forth to windows I need to leave open to help my customers more efficiently.

  137. I want to be more organized with more technical items and get rid of paper which just makes a mess.

  138. I would be able to be anywhere and still be on call and use my phone to enter my runs for my drivers, that would be great. Starting a new business in 2013 would be perfect with this product.

  139. This year I want to streamline all my set ups and equipment so I spend less time admin and more time creating!

  140. To get a new desk and new computer for my at home workplace , so I can get even more done with my day. Getting rid of the clutter , I want to reorganize my desk to make it more efficent.

  141. To streamline the application process to be able to help more at risk lower income families, disabled persons, and the elderly thru thru the non profit organization which I founded. To become more organized and maintain organization throughout the year to have more time to devote to those in need.

  142. better productivity through more focus and motivation….along with more updated technology and equipment (hopefully won in a contest because i cannot afford it otherwise).

  143. My productivity-related resolution is to integrate using new technology to make my school and personal life easier!

  144. This year Im gonna try to put me first. For 19 yrs. Ive always put my husband and my two girls 19+14 first. Now its time for me.

  145. In need an inbox amputation, this would be a good step! When I go to class, this may help moving from lab to lecture hall within the same class. Sometimes we split up into small groups and this would most certainly be an asset.

  146. I plan to update my home office so I can work more quickly and efficency is going to be the key!!!

  147. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things .

  148. I am one of the many disabled people trying to simply maintain. I would love to be able to find an internet job to be able to work at home, as I have great difficlulty in walking, and Social Security thinks I can still work as a nurse.

  149. I am keeping my email cleaned out of clutter, so I don’t waste so much time on it. I try to accomplish something at home every day. Even if it’s just one thing then I feel like the day wasn’t wasted.
    Thank you

  150. I work for a internet company. My goal is to learn more about my job. Learn more about computers and internet for troubleshooting to assist customers more efficiently. I am also working on getting off a medication that I have been on for years that I don’t need anymore and to save me money.

  151. To balance working on my doctoral, taking care of an elderly wheelchair bound mother, a home, and working full-time.

  152. One of my goals is to have all my devices working together. So when I take a picture on my iPhone or iPad it syncs to my photostream on my computer.

  153. My productive goals for this year are 1) To clean out my inbox 2) Be more organized & efficient 3) Waste less 4) Use my down time better 5) Say Thank-you! more

  154. I started doing my facebook cleanup and I have to say that patience is needed. I wish they would make it easier. :)

  155. Our Productivity goal for 2013 is that we are trying to keep all our spending, accounts, and budgets in order as well as the extra clutter to clean and manage so this would certainly help, using the Monitor2Go HD+

  156. My production goal is to work more efficiently and help more low income families by using technology to assist me by becoming more organized.

  157. WINNING this contest would be my ultimate productive goal THANK-YOU for giving me this opportunity to maybe win so I can have a better workstation

  158. My productivity goal is to keep up with my vehicle’s maintenance so as to keep it, and thus me, moving.

  159. Must use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things. ..

  160. Being a nursing assistant I strive to work productively and efficient continuing to give quality care to my seniors.

  161. My productive resolution is to stop buying product made in China and to get my family and friends to stop. This will help the economy in the US grow bringing more jobs to this country. It would help fight global warming (by helping US comapany prosper company can go green also bring more jobs) and it will also help those in China who are working for pennies. So my goal is to do my part no matter how small to help my country

  162. My 2013 productivity goal? Buy rechargeable batteries for all of my work-related equipment, including my: wireless mouse & keyboard, flashlight, and alarm clock.

  163. This would help me to expand by having extra monitor, double work done. I want to do very much, but as is very time consuming.

  164. Clean up my e-mail inbox so that there are not over 2,000 saved messaged that will be seldom read again.

  165. My productivity goal is to reorganize, buy, and supply myself for a small office space in my house, mostly to be used for school, bills, and then side work as well. But mostly school.

  166. To become more productive in 2013 I will clean out my spare room and set up a home office so that I can work on brilliant creative ideas at whatever time they “hit” me-even at 2 am

  167. This is the year to do away with shoe boxes and bags full of ‘important’ documents and receipts. File folders will become my best friend :)

  168. One of my new years resolution is to use more apps to be able to streamline my workload making it more efficient.

  169. My resolution is to get a real home work space and get rid of my clunky old monitor that takes up so much room! I need current and streamlined.

  170. My 2013 productivity goal is to increase the size of my biceps femoris muscles, for the stronger that they become, the quicker will be my ability to perform my duties.

  171. I have resolved to deal with email more effectively so that my inbox is not littered with a bunch of old messages.

  172. my productivty life would be catch up with the generations. i would be so happy i would even share everything i got with people too

  173. This will allow me to mirror my production environment while on the road consulting with my webdev clients.

  174. I need a PC that will bring me out of “The Dark Ages!” Thanks for this great promotion!”

  175. an upgrade in equipment equals more productivity….i also resolve to not get sidetracked by youtube videos of cats,,,,that would help as well.

  176. My productivity goal for 2013 would be, amongst others, to start eating more healthy. A maintained body lends to a maintained schedule.

  177. one of my productivity-related resolutions for 2013 is to get off some medication, therefore, eating better and moving more. :)

  178. I would be more productive if I spent less time entering contests and more time organizing…but this is WAY more fun!!

  179. I have many hats-mom, grandma, taxi service, sitter, chef, maid, etc…..and with all that said, My productivity goal is to get better organized. I think if that happens, I will know what is going on for past, present, and future, where I need to be, and what I need to be doing and who I need to do it with.

  180. My productive goal for this year is to get more accomplished, faster! “Thanks for this great promotion!”

  181. This would help my productivity on the road, allowing me to mirror my dual monitor development environment.

  182. My new New Year’s resolution is to take the best of all that has been posted here and apply it to my work life.

  183. I need a device like this to help me do my work due to my visual handicap. This could and probably is the answer to my problem


  185. I should learn to use “notifications” settings to minimize interruptions and that would be more productive.

  186. Must use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more often will save a lot of time for productive things. . .

  187. I hope to win to be able to set up a dual monitor work environment when I am meeting with clients on the road.

  188. I resolve to take 15 mins at the end of every day to prepare my desk and workspace for the next day!

  189. I will be more productive by helping my autistic son to learn. I am going to use more media, apps, tv, music, in order to reach him. I will be more productive!

  190. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more will save a lot of time for productive things. . .

  191. I am looking to be fully organized, get all my pictures, documents and such onto my portable hard drive as well as link all of my electronics together so they work in sync

  192. Another of my 2013 productivity goals is to make a purchase of a decent, durable backpack for all of my EDC gear. This way, I’ll have everything I need the moment that I need it.

  193. After I get my office space organized (hopefully not wishful thinking!) I am going to start in on the garage!

  194. my productivity related resolution is to update my technology and to take advantage of time-saving and efficiency apps

  195. Use the “delete”,”ignore”,”unlike” and “unfollow” buttons more will save a lot of time for productive things. . .

  196. I’m tired of trying to train my dinosaur new tricks! I need something super modern like this PC to help me in the real world! “Thanks for this great promotion!”

  197. I resolve to consolidate my applications, digital media and scanned documents into one database! Its about time!!

  198. Monitor2Go HD+ appears to be a very efficient and effective way to utilize use a mobile device to share a presentation or video with a larger group.

  199. 2013 will be one of my most productive years to date, for I graduate college in May and take my place amongst America’s citizens in the true workforce.

  200. I will no longer keep stacks of paper on my desk. I plan to take a vacation day so I have no interuptions so that I can go through the stacks to read each piece and either file it away or trash it. Once I’m done I will vow to either file or trash each piece of paper that reaches my desk within 24 hours so that I no longer will have stacks on my desk.

  201. My productivity related goal for 2013 is to make strides in establishing myself in stronger ways for my career. Work in a tough industry and am unemployed at the moment, but staying resolved to commit myself fully in the hopes of being successful.

  202. My productivity goal for 2013 is to catch up on all my e-mails. I think it could inspire a miniseries.

  203. This would be great for me. I would be able to mirror my dual monitor production environment while meeting with clients on the road.

  204. By the end of 2013, I hope to have organized my food pantry so that things may be grabbed out from it in a jiffy, thus increasing overall productivity.

  205. My goal is to be more organized and to make the most of my time! I am very unorganized and very last minute so this is definitely going to be a big challenge for me :)

  206. one of my productivity resolutions is to organize my webcams & making more seamless transitions to upload video

  207. I need a computer that’s comparable or better than a Mac! “Thanks for this great promotion!”

  208. to be more organized, with a bad back get a better chair and that should increase my productivity on the computer

  209. 2013 is turning out to be a most productive year, indeed. Thus far I have reorganized my fridge, my clothes (i.e. separated those for work from those for play), and cleaned out my storage closet. Huzzah, I say. Huzzah.

  210. to be more organized, to become better at typing and electronics so that I can be more efficient at work.

  211. To unsubscribe from ALL the random newsletters I never read. I have accumulated a bunch of them over the years.

  212. For 2013 my productivity-resolution is budgeting my finances responsibly, so far almost a month into the year and I have impressed myself with how many coupons I can clip, how much money I can save, and how little I can spend. Since I’m doing so well with that resolution, my other productivity resolution is remembering to take my vitamins every morning, yes as cheesy as it may be, I do take my vitamins so that I do not have the worries of going to the doctor or if I happen to become pregnant, I have taken preconception caution. Next productivity resolution is throwing away all unnecessary paperwork that is piling up in boxes, so far I have been procrastinating, but hopefully by the time I receive my taxes I will have it organized into a filing cabinet. Those are my three productivity-resolutions, I do have more but I believe they are called personal-resolutions!:D

  213. My biggest resolution for this year is to get more organized! My office is such a mess and I cant handle it anymore lol

  214. With your help, I’ve finally become organized enough to start my first novel. Thank you so very much!

  215. This would be great for me, allowing me to duplicate my dual monitor work environment when i am working on site.

  216. Hello again,
    I believe that posting each day would be beneficial. So another one of my productivity-resolutions is gardening, I cannot wait for spring, it is almost here!! Growing my own fruits and vegetables would be quite productive and cost effective, so this productivity-resolution ties in with my first productivity-resolution “responsible budgeting.”

  217. I resolve to use my smartphone to track my tasks and my daily expenses…and not do it all at the end of the month.

  218. My resolution is to have a start up business, and work smartly for me. I feel that this way my best interests will be served. In the end the business that I will nurture will be for the good of the working man.

  219. My goal is to get more organized utilizing the tools that I have with technology and the internet. I got a good start this week and it feels good to be making progress!

  220. Separating my career choice from my personal life has enhanced my overall productivity. I believe I will continue this process throughout the year, 2013.

  221. I resolve to make sure I have balance between my home life and work life to keep me positive and engaged in both.

  222. I could use this to create a dual monitor work environment when I am on the road, just like I have at home.